Essays on Marketing Strategy and Management for Soya-Energizer Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategy and Management for Soya-Energizer" is a brilliant example of a case study on marketing. Soya-Energizer is a food supplement that contains high levels of protein and carbohydrates integrated into the same product. The product offers a unique option for consumers who are looking for supplements of the two vital nutrients. The uniqueness of Soya-Energizer is exemplified by the combinational nature of proteins and carbohydrates which in all prior cases food experts have offered in separate packages. The product comes as a pre-cooked package where the proteins and carbohydrates are cooked separately before mixing the two.

This checks the problem of denaturing vital nutrients of one type due to overcooking or exposure to undercooked food substances due to incomplete cooking. The final preparation by the consumer entails simple frying for a recommended eight to ten minutes that offers the inclusion of vitamin additives for completion of the three basic food nutrients. The product idea is generated on account of expert evaluation of the food market trends. This phenomenon is based on the scholar’ s view that wider involvement is integral in such engagements.

The wider market idea is a new yet a critical tool for supporting the generation of a new product idea (Griffiths-Hermans & Grover, 2006). The major drive to coming up with a product with the said attributes is based o market information of what current players have offered and the potential needs of the consumers. The belief is that market information is central to creating product domains for which customers would be willing to pay for. Henceforth, looking at the current food market and the needs of consumers of the modern generation, an unsatisfied gap is notable.

There exists some need for a simplified food complex that is precooked, easy to prepare, affordable by families of average income level and has a high nutritional value (Sleep, 2005). Soya-Energizer is a multitasking product with the right mix of two major food categories which semi-informed consumers struggle to achieve the right mix through informal combinations of row crops. The product targets the urban population, initially in Australia and gradually later to the entire Asia Pacific Region. The focus will mainly be directed, but not limited to the urban marketing population particularly the middle and low-income earners.

This group is on the rise in numbers in the twenty-first century thanks to the modernization and transformation of economies of many countries. As economies continue striving to reach the millennium goals citizens become increasingly busy. There is also the aspect of overspecialization and it is difficult for people to take lessons on best eating practices. Little time is dedicated to the kitchen work now more than ever. No person in the family can be said to have command of the diet paraphernalia and hence the burden lies with food specialists and nutritionists (Robert, Andrew & John, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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