Essays on Marketing Plan and Environmental Analysis: Greater Union Cinemas Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Plan and Environmental Analysis: Greater Union Cinemas" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Marketing is ‘ the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others’ , (Kotler, et al. , 23). The best and probably the safest manner of retaining and expanding customer relationships and customer loyalties depends on the ability of a venture to deliver a customer experience that is tailored to changing customer needs and values and consistent with the brand promise (Accenture, 2008). Challenges to Cineplex viewing: The pressure on theatre chains is relentless, as more competing opportunities for leisure time are available to consumers on a daily basis: pay-per-view, digital TV, digital streaming of movies. ..the list has grown dramatically over the last few years.

Add to that the more traditional alternatives to going to the movies (sporting events, fitness activities, live theatre), and it has become more difficult to keep seats filled in every theatre in every market. Basic Considerations in Marketing: People today, do not just "buy" a product. They "buy" the concept of what that product will do for them, or help them do for themselves.

It is in this context that the relevance of the marketing concept becomes clear as it helps a given organization understand its product and the market to which the product is aimed (Berry and Wilson: 13). What can be understood in this regard is that no product has a universal appeal nor can it have a universal marketing plan, there are a number of considerations that alter plans based on product and brand (Aker and Mills, 1).

It is here that the importance of the marketing strategy that is based on a marketing plan becomes clear. There are basically three parts to any given marketing strategy formulations: Segmentation Targeting positioning This report will focus primarily on the last two aspects of strategizing a marketing plan. The idea is to come with a set of recommendations that are based on an analysis of the audience that is targeted and positioning the brand of Greater Union Cinemas. This would be done in a manner so that the organization gets the most advantage in a market that is monopolistically competitive because of the fact that there is a limited competition that Greater Union has to face in terms of the number of competitors aiming for the same audience segment.

Despite this division, the range of the subject under discussion is wide.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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