Essays on Marketing Strategy for Perfection Foods Limited Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategy for Perfection Foods Limited" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. Current PositionPerfection Foods Limited is renowned for its freshly baked and hand-decorated cakes having been in operation since the year 2000 when it was established (Perfection Foods website, 2012). The Company has portrayed tremendous growth, having elevated from a national to an international market in 2006, currently operating in over 6 foreign markets including Scandinavia, Central, and Southern Europe. Perfection Foods Limited has since gained popularity in the local and international markets, winning numerous awards in the local and export markets.

The Company currently operates two manufacturing sites so that one serves the UK market while the other serves the export market. Besides exporting to over 10 European countries, Perfection Foods Limited is now eyeing Asia and North and South America as its next export targets. As an addition to their otherwise good marketing strategy, the Company also operates an online shop from which customers can make orders but which is currently under redevelopment (Perfection Foods website, 2012). Perfection Foods is a company with great growth potential and given the rate at which it has grown in the last eleven years, it is possible to predict that it is financially capable to handle further expansion into more international markets.

The needed strategy, therefore, is to establish how the company will penetrate the Asian and North and South American markets, with the aim of establishing a profitable business in these areas. Success in these new international markets would trigger further expansion resulting in an enormous business empire for the company. It is however notable that as in every case of exploring new markets, especially international markets, it can be challenging to acquire market share considering other companies have already established themselves in these markets.

The need for an innovative strategy to ensure that the company can fit into the new markets is, therefore, necessary to ensure that Perfection Foods Limited is successful.   Key IssuesThe main issue of concern to Perfection Foods Limited is further penetration of the international market which will require an extensive marketing strategy to ensure that the company excels in this endeavor. The other issue is building the company’ s brand name to promote marketability and enhance competitive advantage.

International expansion into Asia and North and South America is expected to promote the company’ s market share and profitability to a significant extent (Perfection Foods website). In addition, it would assure that the company is able to build its brand name in the new markets and thus enhance its chances of further expansion in the future (Hill, 2008, p. 109). Key factors to consider include market positioning, product development, and marketing in order to gain attain the desired goals.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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