Essays on Marketing Strategy in IT Assignment

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Assignment The products that I have chosen for this paper include Apple’s Ipad, Cisco’s Valet Wireless Router series and Microsoft office suite. The paper will throw light over the sales strategy as implemented for each product, the value creation, objections and sales services offered to potential customers. As far as Apple’s famous product Ipad is concerned, it is worthwhile to mention that this product offers multiple applications such as emails, videos, photos, softwares, entertainment, tunes etc. These features in turn entice both normal consumers and business professionals who need an electronic device that could meet their entertainment and business (‘90% features offered by desktop PCs and notebooks are included in Ipad’) needs respectively.

Apple, for this purpose, has launched a product to meet these demands and thus created value. Consumers respond the company through their purchases thereby resulting in sales for Apple (Bradley, 2010). In addition, Apple has adopted an aggressive marketing strategy through informative and persuasive advertising (that quote features and prices) to lure potential customers towards Ipad. Apple’s website is also used by marketers as a handy tool to persuade customers and to sell products online.

Cisco has finally come up with a comprehensive launch of Valet wireless routers series that enable the customer to develop a wireless fidelity network. The product is actually an innovated version of Cisco’s Linksys family that now has lost charm among consumers who demand a faster internet connection in this era of globalization. The product will also help in “connecting all the various products in the home - such as TVs, Blu-ray Disc players and video game consoles - to the in-home Wi-Fi network” (Tarr, 2010).

The routers start with a range of $100 as well as can be updated for additional payment. In order to resolve network failures and negative feedback from customers, the company has already set up a team of It specialists and technicians who will be responsible to ensure smooth functioning of routers. The company has adopted an aggressive sales and positioning strategy to entice customers towards its ‘Valet plus’ brands. Internet marketing has been used an effective tool for in-depth information about product features, prices and retail stores.

Microsoft also introduced new Office 2010 recently that has more advance features such as ‘mobile computing and collaboration’ that in turn entice customers towards this product. Indeed, this is an innovated version of office 2007 that is very user-friendly and simple to use. The product also offers ‘free Web-based versions of programs such as Word and Excel’ that has helped the company in restoring its competitiveness against Google’s subsitutute products that were appreciated by consumers at the time of launch. Other important features include ‘online programs and applications’ (that could be accessed through cell phones), Powerpoints edits and document sharing.

These aforementioned features are specially highlighted in Microsoft’s advertisements that will attract customers to switch from office 2007 to latest 2010. The company has adopted rational pricing plus discount strategy to increase its short-term sales. (Oricchio, 2010) References: Bradley, Tony (2010) “iPad Marketing 101: All Business Professionals are Consumers” Pcworld. com Available at http: //www. pcworld. com/businesscenter/article/193809/ipad_marketing_101_all_business_professionals_are_consumers. html Tarr, Greg (2010) “Cisco Unveils Valet Easy-To-Use Wireless Routers” Twice. com Available at http: //www. twice. com/article/450889-Cisco_Unveils_Valet_Easy_To_Use_Wireless_Routers. php Oricchio, Renee (2010) “The New Microsoft Office Suite” Available at http: //www. inc. com/magazine/20100301/the-new-microsoft-office-suite. html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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