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The paper "Marketing Strategy Report for Nokia Corporation " is a good example of a marketing case study.   Nokia is widely known as a successful mobile phone manufacturer all over the world. Notably, the company has been a leader in mobile phone telecommunications due to its vast experience in mobile telephony, innovations and its robustness in scientific marketing strategies. According to the institutional theory of marketing, the actions of the organization and the resultant outcomes are heavily influenced by the rules, knowledge systems and beliefs that reflect what the organization advocate. Nokia has been pursuing its concept of; “ technology connecting people” which has positively impacted on many consumers (Nokia Corporation, 2009).

According to Viardot (2004), Nokia’ s mission is to connect people everywhere, every time and every day by the use of friendly and modern mobile phone devices. Nonetheless, Nokia’ s marketing strategy aims at being strategic in order to help the corporation maintain a competitive edge. However, due to market saturation, Nokia continues to target other markets. In this vein, Nokia is launching different products that match the needs of their consumers. Notably, Nokia’ s products are technologically advanced and user-friendly compared to others offered by their competitors.

Therefore, continued investment in both product and market research enables Nokia to produce customer-oriented products that are crucial in achieving overall company’ s profitability. SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method which evaluates the strengths, threats weaknesses and opportunities faced by a company. The main aim of carrying out a SWOT analysis is to determine the manner in which an organization can deal with the dynamic nature of businesses. Strengths The strengths involve the characteristics of an organization that provides it with an advantage as compared to the other firms in the entire industry.

The strengths thus entail something that a firm is good at doing and that which provides the firm with a chance to compete with other firms in the industry. The following are the greatest strengths for Nokia; Scale of operations Nokia’ s global presence and market share enable it to conduct large scale operations. After losing part of its market share to the competitors such as Apple and Samsung, the company still remains the third-largest mobile phone handset manufacturer.

According to Royer (2005), Nokia enjoyed a 39% market share in the sale of mobile phone handsets by the year 2010. The company, however, commands a global presence with investments in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the greater pacific. Notably, its geographical spread enables it to effectively serve the entire larger market. Compared to its competitors, Nokia enjoys the largest distribution network which is well supported by online advertising and retailing. Joshi (2007) asserts that Nokia enjoys larger customer care and has a widespread distribution network especially in China, Africa, and India.

According to Niccolai (2007), Nokia has a considerable bargaining muscle which is facilitated by its cost efficiency advantage. Nonetheless, the company should utilize its widespread network to gain greater exposure to a large customer base.


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