Essays on Marketing System: Case of Sony Playstation 3 Case Study

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The paper "Marketing System: Case of Sony Playstation 3" is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. The understanding of marketing systems, their emergence, and their role in influencing economic growth is a necessary and first step towards the valuable engagement of marketing with society. Marketing is an organizational task and a set of processes for communicating, creating, and delivering value to customers as well as managing customer relationships in ways that are beneficial to organizations and stakeholders. They are three main perspectives that are taken into consideration when taking into account the aspects and strategies of marketing.

Marketing can be considered as a managerial activity or what marketer undertakes. Marketing is also considered as philosophy such as a market-driven organization. Marketing can also be considered as a study field or discipline. According to Mittelstaedt and Kilbourne (2006), the marketing system is viewed as a complex set of multi-layered, near-and-far relationship whereby the market participants’ choices and actions have long-term consequences that are beyond their organizations, customers, and partners. According to Layton (2007), marketing systems are present at all aggregation levels might serve to build the crucial link between macro and micro-perspectives in marketing.

In 2007, AMA defined marketing as the activity, set of instructions, and processes for creating, communicating, exchanging, and delivering an offering that has value for customers, clients, partners, stakeholders, and society. The marketing system has played a key role in increasing specialization that leads to increasing diversity for the goods that are offered for trade. Diversity and specialization interact mutually in providing a growth mechanism. Concerning marketing terms, this assigns a key role to assortment in our thoughts about marketing system change and development.

With an increase of variety or assortment, the opportunities for specialty open to inventive entrepreneurs as well. The establishment of connecting links by marketing systems will lead to changes offered in both systems. These changes will diffuse through every marketing system with time in ways that reflect economic and social structure (Layton, 2009). The primitive marketing system is likely to emerge although not always in the current markets. They are various distinguishing and essential characteristics of the marketing system. They include division of labor that is based on specialization, assortment in the goods, ideas, experiences, and services required, available, and obtained.

This has lead to various definitions of the marketing systems that have been adapted by Layton ( Layton, 2009). Those definitions state that the marketing system is a network of groups, entities, or groups set in a social matrix. A marketing system is linked indirectly or directly through participation that is shared or sequential in a charitable exchange of value.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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