Essays on Marketing: The Case of Playcom Case Study

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Table of Contents Page Marketing of Play. com 2 Introduction 2 Marketing of Play. com 2 Price 3 Promotion 3 Place 3 Product 4 Search engine optimisation 4 The impact of internet on the product mix 4 The issue of Globalisation 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 Marketing of Play. com Introduction The proponent of this article primarily discusses the role of information technology in modern marketing strategy of Play. com. In line with this, there is a concise discussion about the concept of marketing, marketing mix, search engine optimisation and the issue of globalization in this article. Marketing of Play. com Play. com is known for its blending of product, distribution, promotion and pricing online just to meet the needs and preferences of its target market.

This is how marketing mix is defined in the real context of marketing activity (Boone and Kurtz, 2006). In its application particularly at Play. com these marketing mix are combined together by planning and executing them so as to cater and stimulate needs of the target market which is very evident at the website of the company. This is how marketing is specifically defined in the real world (Boone and Kurtz, 2006; Kotler et al. , 1999). Play. com is an online company that markets various lines of products from DVDs, MP3s, music CDs up to toys.

The company features its products and services online at a lower cost and with free delivery on every purchased item. The whole thing about this online activity for Play. com ensures its low-cost promotion. This somehow created an impact on the market of Play. com and it eliminated some probable elements that may add up cost on the final price of its offerings. Thus, Play. com has to invest in its online marketing strategy in order to minimise cost and ensure fast service and affordability of its lines of products. Price Online pricing at Play. com is much cheaper compared to offline pricing due to low cost maintenance of the operation.

Promotion Direct marketing makes product offerings at Play. com promoted at fast-pace and with convenience. This is made possible by using search engine optimization which optimizes necessary information about the product offerings. Place Information and ideas about the products of Play. com are all stored in a personalized web page. This however, may pose some significant problems knowing that in a world-wide scale, there are various online web pages that may carry the same characteristics of Play. com. Product Since the marketing activities at Play. com can be conducted online, the convenience of acquiring them through credit cards and online payment may be the best option.

However, the issue of online security may also serve as a barrier considering that not all customers are willing to disclose their personal information. Search engine optimisation When Play. com is searched online via Google and other search engines, the company automatically appears first in the search activity. This shows that Play. com has invested a lot in its search engine optimasation activity so as to ensure fast search of its products and services online among its target customers.

This is a good strategy considering that the whole thing about the business operation of Play. com is conducted online. The optimasation of search strategy for Play. com via online is a remarkable strategy to promote fast and reliable search of the products offered by the said company. The impact of internet on the product mix In today’s modern activity of marketing, everything can be remarkably done through the internet.

The presence of high-speed broadband connection ensures that anyone on the web can have a fair access of a certain online company. Since Play. com is currently blending product, distribution, promotion and pricing concerns, these activity has been remarkably done all throughout the internet with ease and accuracy. In its website, Play. com’s offerings are substantially organised in detail that clearly directs customers to their needs. Furthermore, with the concept of search engine optimasation, it is just easy for Play. com to promote its products and distribution strategy at a remarkably cost-effective way.

The issue of Globalisation With the presence of internet and institution of online companies such as Play. com, the world is technologically created as a whole and as a unified market that operates online at a fast pace. This has significant connection with the current and modern trend of globalisation in the advent of technological advancement particularly in information technology. Play. com’s marketing strategy is in line with the current and modern trend of marketing activity in the world. This only ensures that as the world is created as a whole market in the online world, Play. com has become an integral part in successfully integrating the world market as one.

At Play. com’s there is a good chance that the need for speed and accuracy is already integrated with the capacity of advanced information technology to unite the entire world as a single market entity. In other words, customer satisfaction is significantly increased which has become the main point of the modern issue of globalisation. Conclusion Play. com is just one of the online companies which maximises the great potential of revolutionary information technology. At Play. com, the whole marketing concept has been modernised.

However, such modernisation does not imply elimination of the basic concept of marketing and its relevant components. In fact, the whole point about this modernised marketing strategy is just an integral part of the globalisation applying the high level of information technology and the basic concept of marketing. Everything about marketing activity can be possibly conducted online. This has been proven by Play. com’s success in blending its marketing mix. Furthermore, what seems new with the modern marketing strategy is the inclusion of information technology.

This particularly implies that another remarkable field about marketing has existed in the midst of globalisation and information technology revolution. In line with this, there is a good chance to specifically learn more things about the integration of information technology and the basic concept of marketing. References Boone, L. E., and Kurtz, D. L. (2006) Contemporary Marketing. 12th ed. USA: Thomson/South Western. Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Sauners, J., and Wong, V. (1999) Principles of Marketing. 2nd ed. London: Prentice Hall.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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