Essays on Marketing Theories: Case of Cadbury Inc Term Paper

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The paper "Marketing Theories: Case of Cadbury Inc. " is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. Strengths -  Unique customer base: Cadbury has an extensive market and enjoys a unique kind of market that is rarely affected by seasonal and economic factors. Chocolate continues to be demanded as a gift for children and lovers. It is a favorite among both children and adults and it is often possible to find chocolate being used as a relaxing snack or reward snack especially among women (case study). Established brand name: Cadbury is a household name across the world and enjoys a significant level of recognition.

As one of the oldest brands in Britain, Cadbury has managed to single out itself as one of the most preferred brands as far as chocolate, candy and chewing gums are concerned. Strong manufacturing competence: Cadbury has been in the business since 1905 and has established itself as a leader in innovation through coming up with unique and quality products. Focus on confectionery: Cadbury mostly focuses on chocolate, candy and chewing gum which have ensured a unique understanding of customers in the confectioneries market.

Accordingly, the company is able to produce what customers are likely to appreciate thus increasing profitability. The company can also conduct research more easily and focus advertisement resources thus creating more impact. High financial strength: Cadbury is well established and this has maintained its financial strength. Furthermore, Cadbury’ s sales are considerably high and hence the increasing financial strength. Accessibility: Cadbury chocolate and other products are easily accessible as compared to competitors’ products. Cadbury chocolate will be found in basically every shop, supermarket, café , train station, universities, colleges and vending machines across the world; which makes the product easily accessible to the customers thus increasing the company’ s sales. Innovative advertising tactics: The Company attempts to attract as much attention as possible through their advertisements.

The gorilla advertisement for Dairy milk in for example attracted a great deal of interest and drove up the company’ s revenues by 6% in Britain (Alarcon, 2008). The company now plans to use brand ambassadors to promote the company in what is considered more of brand engagement as compared to straight advertising. This will be done during the 2012 Olympic Games which the company is sponsoring. Weaknesses Product diversity: Unlike other companies such as Nestle which have diversified product portfolio, Cadbury concentrates on the beverage and confectionery market.

This limits their profit potential and risk, given that diversification reduces risk through having backup businesses in different areas in the market. International experience: Cadbury’ s market concentration has mostly been in Europe. This places it at a disadvantage over its competitors who have established a firm market presence in the world.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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