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The paper "Branding and Marketing" is a good example of a business assignment. My topic of choice for review was branding and marketing. I chose this because the two phenomena are central in the distribution of goods and services from producers to consumers. Branding involves making a brand appealing to the consumers, and this is determined by how well it is packaged. Branding and marketing is a very wide topic, I decided to focus on international branding. In order to achieve a successful review, I carried out a thorough research by referring to various volumes of books and journals.

In view of this, I used Google Books to get information from online books. In addition, I engaged Google Scholar in an advanced search in order to obtain more refined information from the Internet. For journals, I relied on Questia and Emerald as some of the most trusted online journal and books libraries. During the research, I read all the abstracts of the articles I downloaded so as to get a gist of the content. I also consulted the conclusion sections as made by various researchers in order to understand the various inferences that were derived from the various researches carries out about marketing and branding in the past.

I was however careful to select the sources to use since not all literature is reliable, some can be misleading. Based on the research I carried out, I began by noting done the main issues addressed by various authors. Here, mostly relied on recent articles that contain the latest information about branding and which have also been reviewed to contain accurate information. I included a critique of the fact in order to compare various standpoints from different authors. Proposal In the review, I intended to do thorough research on branding, particularly international branding because of its relevance to most companies that operate around the world.

I focused my main area of focus is therefore international branding because of its relevance with the increasing globalization. Approach My approach towards analyzing the business environment is based on advertising. Branding is all about how companies strive to present their products to their customers in the most effective manner that makes the products or services the consumers’ choice.

By analyzing the nature of brands, I am able to derive information on the nature of strategies that companies use in international branding. Nature of information gathered The information required for the review is both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative indo in this context relates to the nature of changes in numbers that arise as a result of branding. Qualitative information relates to how companies apply various strategies in their marketing operations. Nature of reporting the information The information gathered for the review is presented in prose form as well as through illustrations, tables and charts.

The review also includes an analysis of how various companies have been able to survive in the international market through various branding practices. Conclusion A review of international branding shows the relationship between companies that operate globally and their worldwide customers. These strategies have historically changed, but definitely, the companies with the best strategies have the best brands in the world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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