Essays on Changes That Have Contributed in Strengthening of the Companys Value Proposition Essay

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The paper "Changes That Have Contributed to the Strengthening of the Company’ s Value Proposition" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Marks & Spencer (M& S) is one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom with a selling space of 12.5 million square feet, established since 1884 and earlier named as ‘ Penny Bazaar’ . M& S sells various products ranging from clothing, food, footwear, gifts and home furnishings (Lukechina, 2008). The company operates through more than 840 stores all around the world. The company’ s franchise operates in almost 34 countries such as Europe, Hong- Kong, Australia, etc.

M& S is regarded as the largest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom and is forging ahead strongly towards capturing the highest rank in food retailing as well (Lukechina, 2008). Since the late 1990s Marks & Spencer has faced serious boardroom instability and made continual efforts to regain its position, but unfortunately couldn’ t attain success. The coming years marked the tremendous change in various areas of the business, for instance in 2001, changes in the business mainly focused on taking credit cards, the introduction of the "Per Una" clothing range designed, redesigning the business models, etc but nothing worked to its best. The major challenges confronted by Stuart Rose at the time rejoining Marks & Spencer and in the process to revive the giant back were mainly intense competition, sustaining and revitalizing the brand image, downsizing, complicated business, and ineffective management system.

After analyzing the various available change management theory such as Lewin’ s planned changed model, Action research model, positive model etc, Rose finalized a transformational change for M& S, whereby major focus was put on implementing a cultural and infrastructural change, self design, supply chain management, organizational learning and knowledge management (Cummings, T.G, Worley, C.G.

2005). Stuart Rose, the CEO of Marks & Spencer has clearly revealed the essence of change management. The need for change is depicted through the application of models comprising of ‘ Leading Change’ and ‘ Managing Transitions’ approaches which have proven to be quintessential for the functioning of the business in a more structured and refined manner. Rose stands by the vision of the organization which is to maintain such “ standard against which all others are measured” Background Stuart Rose pointed out that inventory management was poor and needed proper and effective control and supervision.

He also revealed that decision making was being delegated without accountability or senior management sign-off which was one of the major reasons for ineffective management, and led to the customers being attracted to newer, dynamic competitors.   Rose initiated the change process with a core team of reliable and dedicated people he had worked with earlier and was aware about each individual’ s strengths and capabilities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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