Essays on Marketing Plan for Juices for Children:Starbuck Stores Assignment

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The paper "Marketing Plan for Juices for Children:   Starbuck Stores" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Every business always attempts to increase the sales volumes of its products through the use of different mechanisms. A marketing plan is usually used as one of the mechanisms (Luther, 2008). A marketing plan is a tool that outlines the methods, resources, and strategies necessary for achieving a business organization’ s goals within a specific target market (Loudon, 2006). It entails establishing the organization’ s goals while staying within the confines of the organization’ s opportunities and resources (Salahie, 2005).

This collection is a marketing report for Starbuck Stores which has since become the main family venue. As a family destination, the store receives customers of different ages including the under-aged customers. The current products being offered by the store are seen not fit for consumption by the under-aged customers. This has prompted the Starbuck Store to embark on a marketing campaign to promote its new products for these under-aged customers. This report attempts to propose a framework for the store to carry out the marketing exercise.

The report comprises two parts. The first part outlines the proposed marketing plan for the store while the second part provides a comprehensive reviewing mechanism for the developed marketing plan for Starback Stores.   Starbuck Stores intends to introduce teddy bears as its new product to help correct the perception that it encourages its young customers to drink non recommended coffee products. The introduction of juices for children is expected to be done using a comprehensive marketing plan that is estimated to cost the company a total of $ 1,000,000. Using the plan, the company expects to influence about 70% of its young customers within the first six months upon the implementation of the plan.

A comprehensive review strategy for the marketing plan has also been captured in the plan. Organization and ProductStarbuck Stores is current one of the leading providers of coffee products and a popular family destination. It provides a variety of coffee products to its customers. As a family destination, the stores continue to witness an increase of an under-age customer base. The development has prompted the Stores to consider serving drinks that are recommended for the under-aged customers, especially those that visit the premises unsupervised.

So as not to be seen to encouraging the young customers to drink the coffee products that are currently served by the stores, the management has considered coming up with a product that could best satisfy the needs of the under-aged customers whenever they visit the Starback Stores. In this regard, the management through its marketing team has come up with various brands of juices it considers fit for consumption for the kids who visit the business premises.

This is, therefore, a marketing plan to promote the consumption of the juices to be provided by the Stores.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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