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The paper "Comparing Toyota Company and Pepsi Company" is an excellent example of a research paper on business. Toyota Company has been in business for several years. Currently, the company is among the leading car manufacturers in the world. Today, the company is manufacturing automobiles that are friendly to the environment and are affordable to most people. This report will analysis the Toyota Company and compares it with the Pepsi Company. The two companies utilize advertisements so that they can retain their market share and the leadership position in the market. The report will also analyze how the company uses demographic segmentation in delivering its product to the existing and potential customers in the market.

It is essential for marketers to know how to market the products so that the company can retain its position and at the same time extending customer loyalty. Introduction Organizations are facing stiff competition in the market, and the effective way of retaining the market share and attracting potential customers is through the use of advertisements. In many years now, companies have utilized advertisement to introduce new products in the market.

Pepsi and the Toyota Company use the advertisements as a tool for achieving brand loyalty and gaining a competitive advantage over the rivals. This report will analyze the effectiveness of the advertisement in the company and how Pepsi and Toyota Companies have utilized it in achieving its objectives. Furthermore, the report will examine the opinion of the interviewers concerning the adverts used by these companies. Demographic market segment Demographic segmentation is dividing the market into various groups basing on variables such as age, income, gender family size, and education.

This method of segmentation is mostly used when identifying niches that are targeted. According to Gilbert (2013), demographic segmentation is the most appropriate method of segmenting the market. This is because it will make the design of adverts to be simple and can help the marketers avoid wasting resources. Pepsi Company produces a wide variety of beverages such as energy drinks, sports drinks, and mineral water among others. In brief, Pepsi produces so many products and they are able to sell them because they use effective market segmentation. They segment their market using a demographic segmentation method.

The company produces different products so that it can attract different categories of customers (Wilson et al, 2012).   Toyota Company, on the other hand, designs advertisements that are appealing to different categories of customers in the market. The top management has developed a strong marketing team that can convince customers despite the high competition in the market. Though the Target market for the Toyota Company is the entire people in the world, they design cars that can suit the need of people depending on their age and status.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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