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Marxist Economic TheoryIntroductionJack the ripper is a name that was given to an unidentified serial killer who was active in areas around the Whitechapel district in London between the month of August and November of the year 1888. The name is said to have originated from a letter that was written by someone who was claiming to be the murderer and then disseminated in the press. The killings associated with the Ripper involved female prostitutes from slums whose throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations. Internal organs were removed from some of the victims which made the residents believe that the killer had surgical or anatomical knowledge.

As time went, the world’s attention was drawn to this case yet Ripper’s identity could not be revealed (Gordon, 2008). There were so many theories that were put in place to explain Ripper’s identity. Facts about Jack the Ripper Murder caseIn this murder case, five women were murdered in nine weeks and thus it appeared to have been a plot to kill certain individuals. In addition, all the victims had their throats cut while four of them were cut in the abdomen and intestines removed.

The murder of the last victim was termed to have been gruesome with skin removed from one of the knees and all his jewelry removed. In one of the incidents, a message was found beside one of the victims that was thought to link the murder to the “Juwes” that was erased very fast by the then head of London police force (a prominent freemason) despite protest from the investigations team. The question that many remained asking was whether these killings had any connection with Masonic activities.

Britain was experiencing a political turmoil at the time of these murders. The explanation of this was that queen Victoria’s grandson named Prince Eddy had fathered a baby and married the mother. The mother was an illiterate catholic shop girl by the name of Anne Crook. The news that a prince had a child with a member of low class and an illiterate member of the society could have toppled the England monarchy. According to this version of the story, the nanny later on turned to prostitution and shared this information about Prince Eddy with other three prostitutes.

The three later threatened to go public with the story. The Queen and the British Prime Minister invited Sir William Gull, a physician to try and find ways of eliminating this threat. Gull is then alleged to have invited other Masonic followers to assist him eliminate these women and thus many claimed that he was the Ripper (House, 2011). Since then, various facts have been tabled about the case. Whereas many argue that Dr.

Gull was a central man to the ripper killings, he was already at the age of 72 years and had experienced a heart stroke once. Allegations were that he had killed five strong women on a public street and discarded their mutilated bodies in a public place. This story was based on the theory that citizens of Britain would have rebelled against the monarchy if the story became public yet worse scandals had been there before but none led to the overthrow of the Monarchy. Careful examination of this case therefore shows no evidential link between the masons and the Ripper murder.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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