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6.2 Recommendations………………………………………………………. .…………. .…… 221.0 IntroductionMTC has already reviewed the business case for moving to an ultra modern state of the art training facility. 1.1 Document PurposeThis particular document is the project charter for the MTC information systems infrastructural project sub project for the new training facility. 1.2 MTC training Enterprises Business MTC provides various corporate training solutions. Its excellent and solid reputation has enabled it to offer its services to some global fortune 100 companies operating in Australia and it is by the mantra of innovation that MTC has emerged as an iconic corporate training solution partner n Australia.

1.3AssumptionsThe following assumptions are already in place at the start of the projectThe following assumptions are in place at the start of the project. MTC is already a dominant corporate training provider. Refurbishment of the new training premises to MTC company standards is going to be on schedule. MTC has capable project managersMTC IT and non-IT staff are trainable to meet the demands of the envisaged Information systems. All relevant documentations have been approved by the county council. MTC will purchase the new hardware, network infrastructure and security solutions from reputable vendors2.0 Project MissionThe upgraded facility will enable MTC to offer the best service offering in corporate training solutions and make it the dominant player in Australia by end of 2011.

2.1 Business DriverMTC has been expanding rapidly since its inception and has managed to establish a footprint in the corporate training solutions. MTC has expanded the industry segments in which it offers training services. Over the last three years MTC has managed to attract some of the world’s fortune 100 companies operating in Australia. Both internal and external market research analysis indicates that the demand for corporate training solutions will soar.

In order to meet its new demand, then MTC has to triple or at least double its current capacity which will also be enhanced by using technological solution to facilitate expedient delivery of course materials in between lecturers, thereby saving time and money for both the organization and its clients. 2.3 Project ObjectivesProvide a modern facility that will make MTC dominate and increase its market share. Increase MTC training capacity so as to order more training groups at once. Enhance MTC corporate image. 2.4 Project scopeAs elaborated, the project is mainly concerned with the technological components for the proposed facility.

This includes the IT infrastructure such as the software, hardware, network infrastructure and security solutions. An elaborate IT architecture plan for the facility has to be developed. There should be wireless internet access in all the existing areas within the facility. Software has to be acquired to aid in: Theatre remote managementCourse DevelopmentContent ManagementBooking training facilitiesAny other niche area that will be identified by MTC staff over timeThe organization will also require training facilities for Technical training with a capacity of 35 participantsManagement training with a capacity of 20 participants Executive training with a capacity of 15 participantsThere should also be breakout rooms such as smoking lounges, newspaper parlor, Wi-Fi hot spots, and cafeterias.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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