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and Section # of Case Application Chapter 12 Answer Captain Holly Graf’s leadership style was quite autocratic. She was extremely insensitive to her subordinates and treated them in a very inhumane manner. She held all the power and wanted her team to work exactly as she instructed. She cannot even be considered as a leader as she possessed none of the attributes that a leader must have mainly integrity and communication skills. Therefore, a leader should set an example for the rest of the team and she was not a good example at all. Answer 2 Captain Holy Graf used legitimate power and coercive power as a ship commander.

Her use of legitimate power is evident from her unjust treatment of her subordinates because of her position. However, she used more of coercive power that is use of threat and punishment to influence her subordinates. It is evident in the case study where it says that she used verbal assault, public humiliation and cruel treatment as a form of punishment. Answer 3 The leadership should be purely based on various qualities of an individual and not merely on the basis of qualification.

Just because one is qualified does not necessarily make them fit to rule. They should train the leader to be more like an exemplary model that all the subordinates want to follow willingly and not by force. This requires patience, decision-making ability and problem solving techniques. Answer 4 Individual sexism could not be the reason for the removal of Captain Graf. This is because individual sexism is based on the biasness of the gender opting for such an occupation. However, in her case she was removed because of her treatment with the subordinates.

Therefore, individual sexism need not be and excuse because the way she led was reason enough to remove her. Chapter 13 Answer 1 Social Media is beneficial for the company as it is free of cost and is not time consuming. It keeps employees connected at all times. However, all employees may not have access to social media such as low-end workers. It is also beneficial if customers are connected through social media since they can give instant feedback and the business can use it to perform better.

However, it can be bad for the company if someone posts some negative feedback as it might create a negative image for the company on the basis of a few customers. Answer 2 There would be fewer barriers when using social media. This is because employees and customers will be connected all the time. It can be used as a secondary means of communication other than the official way. If customers complain is unable to reach the employees for some reason, they could use email. Answer 3 Managers should make sure that the message is reaching out to all employees or customers if social media is the only means of communication to be effective.

The message should be clear and encoded in such a manner that it is not misunderstood. Answer 4 Sometimes I have made an online purchase and the good has not turned out to be of the same quality. Therefore, management should make sure that the product advertised online should be depicted in its true picture. Also, sometimes I have been discouraged from making a purchase of a product, which is actually good such as a restaurant.

Therefore, management must also make sure that the company is not publicized in a negative manner and create a bad reputation. Chapter 14 Answer 1 Feed forward control and concurrent control would be useful in this situation. Feed forward control is that the oilrig should have been constructed in such a manner that problems should not have occurred to begin with. It could also use concurrent control that is, since the problem had occurred, measures should have been taken to correct it instantly before it resulted in a very big loss. Answer 2 BP should have initially use high quality equipment and hired professionals to design the rig and construct it very strong.

Also, when the threat had occurred, BP’s management should have hired very experienced engineers to detect the problem and take out the right solution for it. Answer 3 The company employees must have been ignoring the red flags because they were just neglecting the situation as they felt they had done a perfect job and it will not result in such a worse situation.

They acted irresponsible and failed to take corrective measures. Answer 4 Other organizations should not compromise on quality of work just to incur lower costs and to increase the margin of profit; also that they should not take a warning seriously specially those that are being detected by hi-tech devices. Chapter 15 Answer 1 Starbucks has a unit production method. This is because every coffee is prepared as the order is placed and it is not produced collectively in large quantities. It affects the way goods are produced as each coffee prepared individually would mean that the barista is constantly working and preparing coffee and has not prepared a cauldron of coffee in one go and just serving it. Answer 2 Starbucks value chain management comprises of getting best grade coffee beans to the end delivery of the glass of coffee to its customer.

Starbucks could possibly get bad quality beans, or the texture of coffee may differ. This can be taken care off if the supplier is fixed or when coffee beans arrive they are checked. Also, all baristas should be trained to make the coffee in the same standard manner to deliver the perfect coffee to the customers. Answer 3 Starbucks has all ethically purchased coffee purchases approved by C. A.F. E Practices.

It includes acquiring coffee beans without any unethical practices or damage to the environment. They help farmers through support programs and providing loans to benefit the farmers and to build a better future for them. Also this affects the image of Starbucks and customers are aware that the coffee is grown, traded and delivered to the customers abiding by all environmental standards. Answer 4 Other organizations can adopt similar ethical practices to make sure they are not damaging the environment.

Also, other companies serving products that use unit production method can train their workers to make the product quality better and fresh when it is delivered to the end consumer. Works Cited Daft, R. L. Management. Cengage Learning. (2011)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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