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Master Management personal ment Master Management personal ment For one to succeed in any area having the relevant skills is very vital. In that aspect, possession of good management skills is very essential to any manager, whether one is in charge of managing a small, medium, and large, or even oneself. The world has become one small global village and the market has also become very competitive and this shows success is pegged in ideal decision-making. I have always wanted to become a very successful business person. At first I did not know the type of course that would enable me to become a successful business meet this desire.

After a careful course research, I settled for business management. In that aspect I have endeavored to gain as much knowledge as possible in almost all fields that relate to business studies. This is why I feel that it is time I took a management course. I come from a family that values business very much, as a result the family business has been handed down from one generation to another.

In those years there have been some incidences where the business almost collapsed because of poor management by the people in charge. My dad and grandfather have done a commendable job in ensuring that the business has stayed afloat and very soon I will be the one to take over the mantle. It is in that respect that I feel that to be better equipped to handle the challenges that come along with any business, taking a course will be very beneficial. Internship is very vital to any student as it gives the student the chance to “feel the real thing. ” Even though I have spent most of all the free time helping out in the family business I had not experienced how it felt to work for somebody else.

In my undergraduate course I was taking math and computing, but the experience that I had when working for a certain firm contributed to my decision of wanting to study business management. I never thought math and computing were very vital in any business until I discovered some errors in very vital calculations.

The owner of the business one day asked me to help him out to do some calculations as he was of the opinion that his firm was running at a loss. During the calculations realized that the man was making a lot of errors in calculations during calculations. Apparently he was doing all the calculations manually as he did not know more about computing. It was at this point that I realized that I had to learn more about management to ensure that I do not make costly mistakes in the family business in the future. Taking a course in management allows the student to take an internship job for about two months; this offers the student an excellent opportunity to experience the real work.

The students also have the chance to learn from the experts, thus enabling the student to gain more knowledge. I am convinced that being accorded the chance to take a course in management will prepare me more adequately to deal with any challenges that may arise while running the family business. Most of my free time was spent helping out with the running of the business; my father would assign me and my siblings, some light duties such as bringing things from the shelves.

As we grew older the responsibilities became more complex. I would be given responsibilities to supervise some of the employees offloading goods from trucks and ensured that they were of the right quality and quantity. There were times when my father would go on a holiday and leave me and my uncle in charge of the business.

At times, I had to make company decisions while my father was away. Starting my own business is not a priority currently or in the future; there are lots of opportunities available for determined graduates in sharpening their skills in trainee management positions. By sharpening my skills more as a trainee manager in a different firm will give me a broader outlook on how different management skills can be utilized in different situations. I feel that I would be an ideal candidate not only because of my academic credentials, but my love for numbers and a strong sense of decision making.

In my undergraduate course I managed to attain a first class in math and computing. As a result of the significant interest in economics, I participated in the National Livewire Business Awards in the year 2009. This turned out to be a very productive venture as I learnt how to use accounting software to come up with business plans. The other benefit of participating in the awards was that I was able to know more about heuristics.

As an international student, I have had the pleasure of studying in the U. K for the last six years, the experience of studying in the country has enabled me to find out things that I had not thought about before. Efficient management of anything is the key to success. I was able to learn that by efficiently managing some little things as time goes and this guaranteed success. Through time management, an individual can be able to achieve a lot.

A course in management will help me become a productive person. Taking a course in management gives me the opportunity to meet some of the best mentors in the world in various fields. As an international student, I will have the opportunity to get an insight of some of the best British work practices as well as policies which might be very helpful in ensuring that I run a successful business in the future. In college, I had the opportunity to serve in some managing positions which were quite challenging.

One of the positions is the Student’s Council treasurer position. As the treasurer I was in charge of different duties such as collecting of finances and managing of accounts. Through regular involvement in school events as well as entrepreneurship management, I have been able to learn the importance of collaborating with others and prioritize responsibilities. I feel that I am the ideal candidate to be accorded a place to pursue a management course. Based on my results and the passion that I have for business, I feel that I have the chance of making one of the best managers.

My experience of the family business as played a vital role in showing that a good manager is a person who can relate well with the staff (McConnell 2010, 149). Armed with such strong beliefs and the passion for business as well as economics, I feel that taking on a management course will be the next rational step in terms of my education. My profession in the future is in business management and soon I will have to take over from my dad in running the business.

In that respect, having some knowledge in management will go a long way in ensuring that the business runs smoothly. Reference List Mcconnell, C. R. (2010). Umikers management skills for the new health care supervisor. Sudbury, Mass, Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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