Essays on Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership Admission/Application Essay

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Entrepreneurial Leadership Entrepreneurial Leadership Short-Term Goals Through Babson Master of Science in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership program find or start my career. My immediate goals are to complete my courses and achieve excellent grades. The short-term goal is important to me because it can put me in a good position to compete with others in the competitive business environment. In addition, I intend to do some certificate courses in entrepreneurship and critical thinking to boost my resume and augment my entrepreneurial skills. My short-term social goal is to engage in sports and other forms of physical activities that can help me improve my health.

As I progress with my studies, I can develop more short-term goals that can augment my latency in entrepreneurial leadership and possibly develop more long-term goals. Long-Term Goals Through an entrepreneurial mindset, I can start my own business or project after I have saved up enough money. I have a special interest in housing, specifically underground housing. In consequence, my research work and projects are about innovative measures that can bring this to reality. The long-term goal is important because it determines my future and specifies the exact goal that I intend to realize in life.

In addition, it enables me to study and choose course units that are line with the achievement of the goal. I seek to develop more short-term goals in environmental studies and economic courses that can strengthen and shape my long-term goals. Achievement of this goal will give me personal satisfaction and facilitate my career path. Progress towards these Goals I expect to leverage my experience at Babson to make progress towards these goals by finding a way to start or plan my own business.

Through the foundational knowledge that Babson has equipped me with, I can choose relevant course studies that are relevant to my long-term goal. One of the Babson Learning goals is that of that of Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility. This goal will help me acquire the relevant skills to understand social, environmental, and economic issues that underline the contemporary business and housing environment. In addition, my experiences in leadership and teamwork augurs well with that of Babson College, and this can help me progress towards both the short-term and long-term goals.

Challenging Event in Life I have experienced several challenges in life, specifically an ethical dilemma that nearly got me expelled from school. Although I hold high ethical standards and honesty, my friend was once engaged in an unlawful activity and he asked me to engage in a cover-up. It was particularly challenging because it involved several risks, which would not only compromise my integrity, but also end my education progress. My friend had hacked into the school online system and altered his results so that he would have a better grade.

As his best friend, the school principal questioned me about his exemplary grades, and I had to choose whether to betray my friend or uphold my ethical standards and honesty. I was able to respond to that challenge through convincing the principal to offer my friend supplementary exams to test his ability to score such high grades, and at the same time, I convinced my friend to study hard for the supplementary exams. He took my advice, studied well for the supplementary exams, and passed.

Curiosity The power of curiosity is indispensible for entrepreneurs in the current century. Curiosity drives virtually every successful business people in the globe to discover new business opportunities. I have been curious about several things severally, but one particular incident is memorable. My curiosity involved the construction of underground houses, and the ability of humans to inhabit such places comfortably. The curiosity arose especially as land space continues to diminish owing to overpopulation. To satisfy that sense of curiosity, I conducted sufficient research over the internet and discovered that such projects are already in existence, but humans have not embraced them passably.

As an entrepreneur, I would like to embark in such projects because of the increasing need for housing and accommodation facilities. Appealing Babson Learning Goal The Babson Learning goal that I find most appealing is that of Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility. It is appealing because it can help me make knowledgeable decisions that respond to the needs of relevant stakeholders, ethical concerns, and enable me to create social, environmental, and economic value in a sustainable manner.

I have an interest in the creation of great economic and social value in all places. Sustainability is a relevant concept in the contemporary society, and I believe that social, environmental and economic responsibility is its three pillars. The three factors encourage development and are useful in my entrepreneurial growth. Social and economic responsibility is a crosscutting theme in virtually all fields of operations. This will be useful in the achievement of both my short-term and long-term goals. In addition, it is essential to integrate environmental dimensions in practices and strategies in relationships with other actors in the entrepreneurial and business field.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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