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Math Symbols in Real Life Affiliation Introduction There are various mathematical symbols in real life. The work undertaken by mathematics hasdone great things in life. The pyramid of Giza, construction of electric trains, introduction of F22 fighter Jets and Weinan Bridge in China are engineering work that were developed the result of mathematics. Via various mathematical symbols in the world, mathematics has been acknowledged at the key and gateway to science and engineering. According to Kant (a philosopher), a science is exact and employs mathematics (Adams, 2003). Thus, all scientific education that does not incorporate mathematics is considered defective at its foundation.

Avoidance of mathematics is like causing injuries to knowledge. Mathematic has it history more than 4 million years ago. This is evident from the pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Construction of the structure involved various mathematical calculations that cannot be defined today. Various scholars and engineers have tried to replicate the pyramid but have failed to accomplish this task. This is because the mathematical concepts and formulas used to construct the structures assigned to several who could not be traced.

This means that mathematics is ideal in engineering and its memories have lasted for years. Mathematics ignorance is a limiting factor to various things in the world. According to Kant, natural science; a science that many people believe in, is so far as mathematics. Mathematics has played vital roles in building contemporary civilization by perfecting the science. In this modern era of science and technology, emphasis is given to science such as other career or teaching subjects like medicine and engineering (Pattee, 2012). Mathematics that is science by condition is a necessary and efficient tool being used by all these other sciences.

In fact, not all these other sciences can progress without the aid of mathematics. Therefore, mathematics can be considered as a science of all sciences. Another mathematics symbol existing in the world is vaccine developed against polio and measles. In the medical laboratory, mathematical calculations are used to determine the correct position of chemicals as researchers work on their tests. It’s from mathematics that such vaccines were found. As a result, lives have been saved, depicting that mathematics is ideal in day-to-day life.

Mathematics is creation of human cognitive skills concerned with idea creation and abstract thinking. It is much more than Algebra, Geometry, and Arithmetic. In addition, it is more than calculus and statistics among other branches of science. Mathematics is a composite of all of them. This science remains the best symbol of humanity, adding, subtracting and dividing is day to day action performed even with the most illiterate persons in the world yet they do not know they are doing math. Thus, math symbol is endless in the world as it ranges from simple symbols like division of bread among family members to construction of great engineering symbols.

Primarily, mathematics is a way of organizing a logical proof and a way of thinking. It from math symbols that human beings appreciate the works of math. It gives power of the human mind to organize forms such as construction of bridges and aircraft. The ideas and invention of many mathematicians and scientists led to the development of several symbols a computer that is used today for mathematical tutoring.

The computer has the ability of to process vast figures and facts to solve problems at high speed. Today, scientists to solve sophisticated math-laden problems science and other professional careers use the computer. There are various applications of mathematical science is computers including mathematical biology where mathematics is used in medicine and making of laboratory experiments (Wilder, 2013). In addition, mathematical computer programs have been used to make scientific tools and equipments such as calculators that are used today by schoolchildren and businesspersons for calculation. Mathematical symbols evidence of what math can do to real life situation.

Soldiers fight knowing that out of math they have a gun, aircraft, and other Ammo. Medical practitioners have math symbols that they acknowledge because if it were not of those symbols the medical fatality cannot perform. In medical science, x-ray machines as well as MRI scans are math symbols in life. These math symbols have made the human being proud as well as sustaining their livelihood. Math symbols are endless, and they will be generated in the future. Conclusion It is concluded that the world’s activities cannot take place without the existence of mathematics.

Math symbols have played vital roles in ensuring that human life is smooth and sustainable. The values of the symbol are compared to the life human being gain from them. Therefore, mathematics should be supported in order to generate other symbols. References Adams, T. L. (2003). Mathematics: More than words can say. The Reading Teacher, 56(8). Pattee, H. H. (2012). Laws and constraints, symbols and languages. In LAWS, LANGUAGE and LIFE (pp. 81-89). Springer Netherlands. Wilder, R. L. (2013). Evolution of mathematical concepts: An elementary study.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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