Essays on Corporate Governance Strategy of the American Football Company Case Study

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The paper “ Corporate Governance Strategy of the American Football Company”   is a convincing option of a case study on the management. The Company is a custodian of a highly effective American football code in the United Arab Emirates. The issue of effective governance has become a theme of extensive interest in the Company given that it seeks to pursue an aggressive expansion strategy across the country. It needs to portray a positive image to its entire stakeholders. Currently, it runs one team in Al Ain, two in Abu Dhabi, and three in Dubai.

It also seeks to expand to Sharjah. The Company is on a positive financial breakthrough, and financial results show a 20% growth annually. Given its rapid growth, it seeks a new corporate structure that can ensure sustained and persistent growth. This document contains an internal and external corporate governance strategy of the Company. Section A Internal Public Relations Piece Proposed organizational structure The organizational structure consists of the framework based on which the American Football company is organized, as well as which the organization keeps functioning. At the American Football (Company), the organizational structure is viewed as an operating manual that defines to the employees and the stakeholders the set-up of the organization, as well as how it functions.

The organizational structure used is hierarchical-based. Accordingly, it has a few managers, some staff, and a few units. The proposed corporate governance strategy places the Board of directors at the pinnacle of the hierarchy. They are answerable to the shareholders and oversee the general management of the organization. Placed second in terms of the hierarchy is the General Manager, who will report to the board.

The General Manager supervises all the employees. Next, the assistant general manager answers to the General Manager. The Youth Director will also report to the Assistant General Manager. The Commissioner will reports to the General Manager and the Assistant Manager, alongside the Head Coach. The Pool Officials will report to the Assistant Manager, while the Assistant Coach reports directly to the Head Coach. Figure 1: Organizational Structure Change Management - Reaction of the stakeholders It is expected that the stakeholders will back this corporate governance strategy, as it puts their interests into perspective.

Since the board of directors serves to see to it that the company serves the interests of the stakeholders, particularly the stockholders. Indeed, at the core of this proposed corporate governance strategy is the role of the board of directors, which is introduced to foster hands-on engagement of the company and its stakeholders. The Board shall also seek to integrate shareholders’ perspectives into the company’ s decision-making in order to make sure that a suitable balance between shareholder needs and the needs of the management. Hence, stakeholders are likely to feel a sense of ownership. Overall, this strategy seeks to protect the interest of shareholders, as well as provide them with the decisive roles in the company.

This is since they maintain the right to appointing the board. The board will ensure that the company generates investment returns for the risk capital that the shareholders put up. Figure 2: Proposed criteria for effective governance The strategy also takes recognition of the shareholders’ legal rights, as this will ensure that the management and the shareholders cooperate to create a profitable and sustainable company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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