Essays on MBA Program Admission/Application Essay

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first Institute: Motivation to join MBA Program With two years of working as a marketing executive in an accounting firm, I have understood that in contemporary times, businesses are varied and complex; business management seems highly challenging because of increased competition, changing customer needs and preferences, and terrific advancement in technology. Moreover, in order to stay competitive, it is important to not only master the business skills but also be adept with the changes happening in this sphere. My motivation to study the one-year MBA Program comes from my current work and my manager.

I work in a highly competitive business that requires constant upgradation of skills, being up-to-date with the market trends, and continuously deliver high performance. I observe my manager constantly working towards enhancing self and team members’ knowledge and skills in order to remain competitive and deliver performance compared to others, and strive to maintain customer satisfaction levels. As per my observation, I have learnt that managing a business requires many skills apart from thinking from the profit-loss perspective.

Foremost on this list is managing employees and customers. Employees that perform the core job of the business need to be kept motivated always; for this, organizations design various policies and practices. Besides these, the manager needs to have good people management skills. Secondly, customer and client management are crucial for the business in order to understand their needs and deliver results accordingly. Thirdly, in order to have a sustainable business, goals and objectives must be appropriate and achievable. These goals and objectives are to be achieved through employees in accordance with customer and client satisfaction.

This process would also require specific systems, processes and procedures. My aim in life is to set up my own business. But with the 2-year experience as marketing executive, I realized that whatever I learnt previously would not help me in doing what I really want to do. There is still lot to learn and acquire. My manager suggested me to study master’s degree in business administration, which will not only help me in acquiring knowledge about business and management but would also probably lead the path to what I really wanted to do.

This stream would give me ample exposure to the business management and its intricacies, exposing me to tough, easy, and moderate challenges. Besides these, this study would also help me assess my own strengths and areas of improvement. This assessment could possibly help me explore opportunities that I would like to take on in future. Moreover, I have observed that organizations form various strategies and plans in order to stay focused, align people and compete in the complex business world.

A professional course, such as this international MBA, will help me learn about business management in a principled and systematic manner within a set timeframe, which, I believe, will be of great help for my future. Hence, with this opinion and with inspiration from my manager, I have decided to pursue this one-year International MBA so that I can learn about business management and administration at an international level. In short, this short-term study will help me implement my life’s long-term plan.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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