Essays on MBTI Conflict Types Assignment

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CONFLICT TYPES CONFLICT According to the MBTI personality type, my conflict type is defined by ESTJ. The two letter conflict type in this respect is TJ. The description pertaining to this conflict pair in a way resembles the personality that defines my character in relation to conflict. The description talks about being realistic and analytical, virtues which I certainly believe are within my personality composition. In the aspect of being decisive as it comes to appear, I nevertheless believe that it does not merely translate to being smart in business or mechanics.

I suppose I own a much better acumen. At least more than the limiting standards defined above. Nevertheless on the possible career choices as given in the handout, I suppose it certainly defines what I am. At least my aspiration of being a corporate executive is well captured within the options available. The description certainly captures my personality when in conflict. I normally feel worried about the uncertainties associated with conflicts. To me, a conflict might always end up in a bad taste and it is therefore always important to avoid it at all costs.

Conflict comes with a sense of feelings regarding the eventuality and the true fact of being in such a conflict in the first place. Nevertheless, I am never afraid of conflicts as such. My point is basically linked to the fact that it questions my conscience to really account for any form of conflict I find myself. Sure enough, I normally approach conflicts logically and face the issues as they might appear. Midway between the preoccupations with the issues, I begin to have a proper retrospect and in most cases, realise that the idea of conflicts actually holds no point in me. A recent case that occurred to me brings this issue into perspective.

I had gone to a car hire firm to get a family car for hire. From the information I got from the car hire firm, they hired cars either on half-day basis or for full-day basis. Since I wanted to use the car for less than four hours, I opted for the half-day basis, paid the money and cruised away. On returning the car after three hours, the attendant in charge demanded that I pay full day service on the account that the car I took was never hired on half-day basis.

The whole issue kicked off as we argued much with the attendant. From the onset, I had a strong conviction to stop the argument and just pay the money the guy was demanding. I was basically battling with a strong feeling that the eventuality of the whole episode might not favour events. However, I suddenly felt carried away and hoped for the worst if possible.

I therefore engaged in a bitter exchange with him to the point that it got so intense for a small crowd to form around. I nevertheless later regretted having engaged in such a confrontation. Better still, I swore never to make such a mistake. In case it was a mistake! If I am to judge the attendant using the MBTI measure, I would say he falls under Thinking and Perceiving TP. He certainly does regard conflict as a healthy affair and a normal exchange of ideas.

He was very concerned that we try and finish the whole affair despite my suggestion that I just pay the extra money and let go the issue. The description under this category actually fits him well. In a way, I feel the whole conflict affair was functional conflict. It was functional in the sense that something important came out of (Brooks 2006). The basic idea that came out was the fact that the firm had workers that were not well versed in the services offered and this led to the double stream of information that I eventually got from two different staff.

At least they leant that in business, clients need to be respected and given all the relevant information from the outset. Reference Brooks, I. (2006). Organisational behaviour: individuals, groups and organisation (3rd ed. ). Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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