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The paper "How Low Emotional Involvement Creates a Dilemma for McDonald's" is an outstanding example of a business assignment.   Involvement has been a different variable that has been found to have a great influence when making decision behaviour. The bulk of the literature has been used to conceptualize its roles in consumer behaviour. Involvement has been a very important issue when addressing varying facets of consumer behaviour. The concept originates from psychology in persuasive communication literature. This is through the use of social judgement and involvement approach as a means to explain the attitude and its changes (Michaelidou & Dibb, 2008).

Consumer involvement is a theory that has been applied by McDonald’ s’ in its operation. McDonald's who is a leading fast-food chain introduced the make your own burger campaign with an aim of increasing sales. The service was a major boost in company value co-creation with the consumers. Through the build your own burger service, a customer can order a custom made burger by selecting the ingredients through an interactive screen menu. This essay is based on McDonald's build your own burger-social co-creation as a recipe for success.

The essay will define involvement theory and involvement in the case. The essay will then determine how customers with low involvement created a dilemma for McDonald's and finally, the influences of customer spending. Discussion Define involvement theory. How does the ‘ involvement state’ influence consumer’ s purchase decisions? Explain this in terms of the case. Involvement has three main and distinct forms: enduring, situational and response. Enduring involvement refers to a long term attachment based on a given product class. To attain long term attachment, the customers have extensive research, brand knowledge and commitment to the brand.

Situational attachment refers to a short term attachment in a purchase decision. Once the customer makes a purchase decision, situational attachment goes away. Response involvement is based on bahavorial view. The customer pays attention to price and brand differences among others. “ McDonald's build your own burger” campaign was affected by the three forms of involvements. Involvement is based on an attitude where a consumer develops a psychological attachment. The task of creating one’ s own burger led to enduring involvement. This is through personal relevance to the product creating a psychological attachment.

In situational attachment is based on the degree of arousal and motivation. Making one’ s own burger leads to interest and drive which may be temporary. This temporal duration of an attachment may have been due to time, task complexity and price. Through response attachment, the consumer may have been affected by being price-conscious, attentive to other brands and the level of attention paid. This has a great impact on their purchase decision making (Michaelidou & Dibb, 2008). How did regular consumers with low emotional involvement create a dilemma for McDonald's?

What strategies were used to address this? Low involvement is based on the products which are inexpensive, low risk and is frequently priced. This involves the products which are purchased on a routine basis. The consumer may not form feeling until after they have made the purchase. In this case, a consumer with low emotional involvement is dealt with in a different manner than those with high involvement (Michaelidou & Dibb, 2008). For McDonald's, they had to deal with customers who had low involvement as they engaged in build your own burger service.

These consumers were less likely to be emotionally involved in the process of a custom made burger. McDonald's ensured that their customers with low emotional involvement were dealt with in a different manner than those with high emotional involvement. This is through using the sequence of cognition, behavior and attitude. The low emotional involvement consumers were targeted through the use of low involvement media. This is through the use of television and radio to attain desirable behavior. McDonald's also engaged marketers try and move the consumers from low involvement to high involvement.

This is through effective brand management during the make your own burger service. The company through the campaign tried to relate the custom burger to the needs of low emotional involved customers. Through creating a connection, it was possible to enhance brand loyalty. Use of emotional appeal helped McDonald's a lot in addressing the low emotional involved consumers. The main attempt done by the company was building brand loyalty. There was an attractive touch display in the point of purchase to build your own burger.

The products that were displayed near the point of sale were attractive which helped in boosting sales. The advertisement used focused mainly on emotional appeals. To address the low involvement consumers, the company first understood the size of the segment (Michaelidou & Dibb, 2008). The segment was then addressed separately through implementing changes on the marketing mix.


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