Essays on McDonalds Marketing Performance Assignment

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The paper "McDonalds Marketing Performance" is a worthy example of coursework on marketing. McDonald’ s Corporation is the largest fast-food retail chain in the world. It is the largest franchise in the world operating in every continent (Sato 56). Revenues for the company are generated from sales, rentals, and royalties from its franchises operated all over the world. The business began as a restaurant began by brothers in California and rose to become the first restaurant to establish a modern fast-food restaurant. The company specializes in the sale of burgers, fries, chicken products and soft drinks. The strategic decisions of a company are based on the analysis of both the internal and external factors that affect the company.

McDonald's has various strengths that have enabled it to remain at the apex of fast-food restaurants. Notwithstanding the weaknesses that help to keep it in check and be driven to be the best in the industry. The company operates in a competitive industry and it is therefore important that the company analyze its competitors and also its own environment to be able to be successful. McDonald's is a company that operates the largest food chain in the world.

The positive aspects of the company have enabled it to have a competitive advantage as compared to the other industry players in terms of market leadership, resources and image (Mathis and Jackson, 359). The company’ s product value is the most important of its resource because customers have a certain expectation when it comes to the service and products that McDonald's offers. Investing in new products that customers require and satisfy their tastes and preferences is important to the company. An effective marketing strategy is one that reaches the target audience (Sato 89).

For McDonald their target audience is kids. The kids soon grow up and become adults and the demographics show that the older citizens are the majority and this has prompted the company to change its marketing strategy because of sales drop. Customer service Customer service is important for any organization. It is good and effective customer care that establishes strong customer relationships. McDonalds Company is committed to providing the best in customer care services. It provides training to their workers on how to handle their customer complaints.

The company’ s Hamburger University a first in the industry provides training to ensure consistent high-quality food and the same methods of preparation. The company has three strategic priorities which are Providing exceptional customer service To be an efficient producer To provide value meal combinations To achieve exceptional service the company encourages creativity in their outlets and franchises where they add their personal touch to their service and ensure that the restaurants provide quick services.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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