Essays on Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance Assignment

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The paper "Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance" is an amazing example of an assignment on marketing. This report is about measuring and interpreting brand performance in the market. In this report, five competing brands will be looked at. They are; Mars Bar, Kit Kat, Snickers, Twix, and Nestle Gold. These brands will be analyzed under three sections: brand performance, awareness, and salience, demographics and segmentation. Under brand performance, we shall describe differences and patterns between the competing brands by considering the brand performance metrics. More emphasis will be laid on the Mars Bas brand.

The type of market that Mars Bar is operating in will be discussed. If the brands were operating in the subscription market or repertoire market, there would be differences expected in the performance metrics. These differences will be discussed. It is better to have a marketing strategy that targets more light buyers than one that targets more heavy buyers. Reasons, why more light buyers should be targeted rather than targeting more heavy buyers, will then be discussed. Ways of getting into light buyers will finally be discussed Under awareness and salience, I shall start by giving a theoretical definition of the concept of brand salience.

A comparison of brand salience and top of mind awareness and attitude will then be discussed. Reasons, why building brand salience is important, will also be looked at. From the table provided, I will draw out various patterns relating to brand salience for the five brands. It is from the same table that we shall see whether Mars Bar is performing as expected within the whole sample as well as within its customer base.

There will also be a discussion of reasons why it is important to look at salience for brand users separately. Discussion of how brand salience can be built and also appropriate marketing strategies will be then provided. Finally, I shall look at the case of cues that should be present in an advertisement for a chocolate brand. Under demographics and segmentation, I will analyze relationship status demography, total household income demography and gender demography in relation to the five brands. We shall see whether the customer profile of Mars Bar is similar to competitors or not and look at the reasons for this.

It is from these discussions that the implication of the marketing strategy of Mars Bar will be drawn. Brand performance Mars bar has the highest market share and also the highest penetration. It has taken the highest value in the average market share and penetration. Kit Kat follows while Nestle Gold has the lowest value of market share and penetration. This shows that the Mars bar is the brand that is being used by most of the customers while Nestle Gold is the least used brand by the customers.

Kit Kat is the most frequently purchased brand, with a purchasing frequency of 0.1 greater than the Mars bar.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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