Essays on Measuring & Interpreting Brand Performance Assignment

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From Part A research, Mars Bar brand has the highest market share and a high penetration thus its dominant than the rest of the brands. Mars Bar brand also performed averagely in the number of purchases of the brand made with Kit Kat brand having a high average purchasing frequency. Mars Bar had the highest number of buyers who did not purchase any other brand making it perform better in the sole loyalty. It is followed by Kit Kat and Snickers who aren’t performing to the expectations of the firm. Twix and Nestle Gold on the other hand have zero sole loyalty as all customers who buy their brands also bought other brands.

Mars Bar brand is performing best in the brand performance matrix. Although its sole loyalty is higher than the rest, its penetration is still less than half. Marketing Director should not be that comfortable about Mars Bar brand category Buying Rate being the lowest than the rest. Brand salience is defined as the extent to which a brand is thought about or captures the mind of the customer when in a buying situation, while the top of mind awareness is simply the brands a customer can quickly remember in a given category of brands.

Brand salience is important as it relates to future customer retention and loyalty. Brand salience can be built through two approaches according to Botha et al (2004), the first method is to base on defining and creating different signs against one equity. The second method is to Build and Own a Unique Outstanding Memory Organizations. This is to increase the brands performance and position through the use of logo, character and music.

The use of cues in brand salience building is also important. Price can be used as a cue to quality and make consumers assumes that a higher priced chocolate is better than a lower priced chocolate. Physical attractiveness cue can also be used to make consumers feel attractive when taking chocolates. As discussed earlier, even music, colour and the use of a famous character can be a cue that will promote brand salience. In the demographics and segmentation section, many single people prefer Nestle Gold, Mars Bars and Twix brands respectively.

Kit Kat and Snickers are less preferred. Couples however prefer Kit Kat and Twix brands which are at par, and slightly with Nestle Gold and Snickers. Mars Bars brand performed relatively high though Nestle Gold was the leading. In the gender category, female are the highest purchasers compared to the male. The purchases made by the single and the separated are low compared to couples. This may be because the couples are stable financially which enables them to afford the brand. Demographic segmentation is division of market into groups based on variables such as occupation, race and nationality, income, religion, education, family size, gender and age.

With change in age, customer needs and wants change though they may still want to have the same type of product. Marketers will therefore design, promote and package products differently to meet the needs and wants of different age groups.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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