Essays on Measuring and Interpreting Snickers Brand Performance Case Study

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The paper “ Measuring and Interpreting Snickers’ Brand Performance" is a  brilliant version of the case study on marketing. The research found out that much needs to be done in order to have the Snickers chocolate competing on the same scale or even higher than the other brands, especially Mars Bars and Kit Kat, which are its major competitors. The market share for snickers ought to be worked on because it is demanding. It is clear from the research that the brand salience of Snickers chocolate needs to be worked on in order to have it towering above the other brands.

Mars Bar has cut itself a niche clientele and that is why it has a bigger market share than the Snickers chocolate. One can deduce that the marketing strategy for the Mars Bar is working because it has a considerable number of loyal consumers, unlike Snickers marketers who have to come up with strategies of making this brand salient so that it can be as competitive as Mars Bar and Kit Kat. The snickers chocolate has a higher category buying rate which can be capitalized on in order to come up with a salient brand that customers want to identify with.

As seen from the brand performance metrics, snickers lay in third place among the competitive brands which means that its marketers need to find out what the other two top brands are doing right in order to cement their positions at the top. A consumer survey should be carried out to find out the different preferences amongst gender groupings and relationship categories. More needs to be found out how family earnings affect the marketability of snickers chocolate.         Brand Performance Differences and patterns between competing brandsAccording to table 1, the different competing brands perform differently in the brand performance measures available.

The pattern of performance differs from one brand to the other. From the table, it can be articulated that snickers perform averagely in the market share as compared to the other brands. Twix and Nestle Gold have a lesser market share as compared to snickers because they are below the average. Mars Bar and Kit-Kat control a greater market share as compared to Snickers.

The rate of penetration for Snickers is slightly below the average as compared to Kit-Kat which is slightly above average. Mars Bars have a greater penetration rate as compared to other brands. Nestle gold has the least penetration rate as compared to the other brands. In terms of average purchase frequency, Snickers is slightly above average. Kit Kat enjoys a higher average purchase frequency with Mars Bars coming in second. Nestle Gold and Twix come in second last and last respectively with their rating below average. Under the category buying rate, Snickers performs quite well because it comes in second behind Nestle Gold.

Snickers, Twix and Nestle Gold are above average while Mars Bars and Kit Kat trail below the average. Under share of category requirements, Snickers is slightly below the average followed by Twix and Nestle Gold respectively. Under sole loyalty, Snickers is below the expected average. Apart from Mars Bar which enjoys a greater sole loyalty, all the other brands are below average.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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