Essays on The Role of Customer Service Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper "The Role of Customer Service Apple Inc" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Customer satisfaction is crucial for any corporate to survive and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run. Customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without quality service delivery. In many cases, there is a gap between what the company promises in its advertising and what is actually delivered. The gap model provides an explanation of possible gaps in service delivery and strategies to explain the role of the organization in attaining sustainable customer service excellence (Gopal & Cline, 2007).

This report explores the role of customer service Apple Inc and how the company has used this strategy to climb to the top of the technology industry. The company retail stores have provided an experience like no other to millions of customers who visit them. There are strategies that include coaching to change organizational behavior that can be used to attain excellence in customer service delivery. Main Findings Current customer service and expectations at Apple Inc. It appears that more people visit Apple’ s 326 stores in one quarter as compared to sixty million who visited Walt Disney’ s four biggest theme parks in 2010.

Apple has ensured that they provide a friendly environment, employee intensive training, and great products (Michelli, 2011). A key element that propelled Apple’ s success in the technology industry is a unique culture that has been created and is reinforced continually to ensure they consistently offer great customer experience. Employees are prepared not just to sell but to provide solutions to customers’ problems. It is interesting to note that employees do not have sales targets and do not receive any sales commission.

Great customer service has been a vital ingredient of Apple’ s success. The steps of service are obtained from the acronym of the company ‘ APPLE’ , which means that: Approach a customer with a warm smile that is personalized Probe the customer politely to understand his specific needs Present a ready solution for the customer with regard to the problem Listen and resolve any concerns or issues raised by the customer End with fondly farewell and invitation for repeat purchases These apparently simple steps have been used successfully to drive Apple to the top in the technology industry.

At Apple, employees understand what is expected of them and behave accordingly and persistently. Processes and systems are built to create great customer experiences consistently and reinforce the culture. People are empowered, engaged and encouraged to deliver on customers’ expectations. Besides, people are recognized and rewarded for delivering what is expected of them in order to meet organizational goals (Martinez & Hobbi, 2008). Apple has full control over its products and has succeeded in diversifying to other types of products other than laptops and desktops.

The provision of variety, high-quality products, and excellent service quality have made Apple remain at the top in the technology industry.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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