Essays on Media Campaign for Overcoming Drug Abuse Assignment

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The paper "Media Campaign for Overcoming Drug Abuse" is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. Nowadays, Drugs are available everywhere, it can be mistaken abusing drugs is a widely accepted behavior in the society today. No society is free from the menace of drug abuse, at the beginning drugs were used for medicinal purposes, but these days drugs are being abused freely by people in society. The drug abuse refers to the misuse of drugs either medicinal or not, drug abuse is a concern to the whole society. People in society are highly tempted with the excitement that drug offers or some people just escape to drugs to avoid facing their present problems; drug abuse is, therefore, increasing at an alarming rate.

The prevalence of drug abuse has reached extreme levels in society; most of the society youth and young teens are abusing the various forms of drugs. The major target of this paper will how society can intervene and solve drug addiction problems that society has, and the various communication measures that society can employ. The target population is the whole society because drug addiction problem is a societal problem affecting people from all levels of society.

Drug prevalence is very high among the youth; this means that Drugs are destroying the future generation at a very alarming rate; hence, it’ s about time that measures to correct this is employed. The multiplication of the intervention method will increase the chance of countering the problem. The measures that the government has undertaken and other aversion steps being taken by the other organizations should be multiplied to match the ever-growing prevalence of drug menace in society.

The drug abuse menace is not a society problem anymore; this problem is a national and international problem, the problems of drugs abuse cuts across national boundaries. Introduction Once a person becomes addicted to drugs, they become a slave to drugs. Drug addiction is a menace that is affecting society, more and more people are abusing drugs on a daily basis. Addiction to drugs has a very devastating effect, the deaths caused by drug addiction is increasing every day. Among the drug addicts one of the most difficult challenges of overcoming this menace, because it leads to drug dependency.

Drug addiction starts when people experiment on drugs, just because their friends are taking them; this leads to extreme drug abuse that has devastating self-destruction effects, the antisocial, kleptomaniacs’ behaviors and criminal activities increase. Drug addiction cripples a person’ s mental and physical ability, the person eventually loses consciousness, memory, self-control and the will to do their activities. The drug addicts eventually lose their jobs, because they cannot work due to the side effects of drugs.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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