Essays on Media Freedom And Regulation Article

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Chapter-1 IntroductionA film is a significant mode for communication of concepts and ideas. The concept of free speech and liberated ideas are based on the fundamental rule that an energetic and independent marketplace of concepts will ultimately result in the materialization of most valuable plans as they are associated with all kinds of significant issues that confound and confront our society. In order for the people in society to establish informed assessments on argumentative questions, they must be presented with a fair representation of views on all aspects of such issues.

Film industries, mostly in western world, neither represent a free market no a playing field. They are also not based on merit. It is significant, for the sake of communication that all ideas should be promoted through motion films having equality in opportunities that can be expressed. Films and videos promote independent ideas and are not just source of entertainment. Films and videos are the organ of public beliefs not lessened by the reality that they are in fact designed for the purpose of entertainment as well as for providing information.

(Auerbach, Nina. 1990)Films are more than source of entertainment and a significant mode for communicating ideas and views. In fact they are mostly considered as most effective means of communication developed by human kind. Significance of films can be considered by assessing the talent and resources that are used in producing compressed two to three hours of vibrant experience termed as a feature film. A film is in fact an extremely influential form of communication. The producers of thousands of commercial products sense the significance of films and videos and pay thousands of dollars for the purpose of showing and sometimes using them in films.

(Gale, Maggie B. 1997) For many decades this form of entertainment known as films have been used effectively for promoting a variety of products including sun glasses, clothes, cosmetics, VISA cards, cigarettes and fast food etc. The significance and popularity of this medium of communication can be judged from an example that a James Bond film had reportedly earned approximately one hundred million dollars prior to releasing of film, an amount that is almost equal to cost of producing the film.

Many business pundits globally are not so dull-witted to invest one hundred million dollar in a film-related promotion just for one film without a concrete basis for recognizing that films influence human attitudes, lifestyles to some extent and commercial options of such filmgoers. (Auerbach, Nina. 1990)Chapter-2 Literature Review2.1 Role of Film and Video Films and videos influence an important diversity of commercial decisions and linked conduct. Films are a powerful and significant agent for positive social alterations, such concept widely agreed around the world that serves as a bridge among public interest and entertainment community in addressing social and health matters through films.

Films have not only influenced human behavior and thinking; they sometimes cause pivotal alterations in the lives of people. (Jackson, Allan Stuart. 1993)Besides positive role played by the films there are some negative aspects about films that they also convey powerful ideas and images that are absolutely positive. Moreover, the graphic violence, foul language, counter-religious, pro-drug and partial to smoking themes is regarded as creating a negative impact on citizens.

Some of the film makers are considered as socially irresponsible associates, constantly portraying through films certain populations of our varied society in stereotypical and negative manner.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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