Essays on Ford Motor Company Media Report Analysis Case Study

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The paper 'Ford Motor Company Media Report Analysis " is a perfect example of a management case study.   Ford motor company is among the leading automotive companies globally which are situated in Dearborn, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit. The company aims to employ people who are concerned with the social responsibility of the people (Watts 2005). The social employees should focus on improving economic issues, political and social issues and ensure that marginalized people globally also participate in global affairs so that they can improve their wellbeing. Luis Ubinas said that the leader should focus on the social issues which affect the people by implementing the vision statement of the company.

There are 12 visionaries which represent a number of people and organizations which the Ford Foundation has supported as a way of improving the corporate social responsibility. These people come from diverse backgrounds. The system the company applies helps to improve the marginalized people in society so as to improve their living standards as well. Ford foundation is using the anniversary of the 75th century to explore the lives of minority groups globally.

The 12 visionaries, therefore, help to reflect the corporate social responsibility of the people (CSR wire 2011). Corporate social responsibility helps to improve the way in which the company interacts with society. This helps to improve the social wellbeing of society by helping the marginalized people to also enjoy the social being with other people. The company has developed various strategies to improve its social responsibility in society since society determines the success of the company. Introduction Corporate social responsibility is one strategy which helps to link the society and the company.

It is the way in which the company engages in societal programmes (Moir 2001). Ford Motor Company has applied various strategies in relation to corporate social responsibility and has managed to change its organizational culture in all its market operations. This helps to improve the economic condition of the company. This report will analyze the social model according to Europeans and compare them with liberalist policies of maximizing the profit. The Ford Motor Company demonstrates that it has applied the European model to maximize its profit unlike the policies of the liberalists.

An organization which engages in corporate social responsibility creates a good relationship with its customers and other stakeholders thus able to attract and retain customers. The theory of invisible hand and global companies The main reason why national organizations aim to expand their operations into the global market is to expand the operations thus improve their performance in terms of profits reaped. The faster rate of globalization is due to increased technology and also lack of federal governments to regulate the operations of their companies by imposing social responsibilities on them before going global (Michael 2008).

The liberalists on the other hand neglect the role of promoting corporate social responsibility instead they argue that profits can be reaped from designing organizational policies to attract and retain more customers. The liberalists further argue that profit maximization can be increased due to market forces which determine the market conditions which might be favorable to improve the revenue of the company and also improve the interest of the public.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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