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This is an essay based on the case analysis of an organization named ‘Mel Air’, whose founder has taken certain initiatives towards enhancing the human resourse management there. The essay has been divided into major sections. The first section is a detailed analysis of whether the approach of the founder towards human resourse management is strategic or not. Further, the second key section identifies the various alternatives available in the strategic HR domain, which can help, improve the HR conditions at Mel Air, and also lead to the achievement of the corporate objectives put forth by the founder to compete with growing competition in the airline industry.

He has identified that a well trained and committed staff can provide its customers with satisfactory service which along with cost management operations can give Mel Air, a competitive streak. The two main sections of this essay have been followed by a brief, crisp and comprehensive overview of the chief landmarks and indications made in the essay in order to provide the reader with a conclusive summary of the entire document. This first section of the essay will discuss and analyse the extent to which the approach of the founder towards human resourse management was strategic.

Strategic human resource management refers to the process of developing practices, programmes and policies that help achieve organizational objectives (Ashwathappa, 2008). The organizational objective for Mel Air was to create an environment of excellent customer service and retain its cost advantage. The founder’s alignment of these organizational objectives with the programmes, policies and human resource practices he initiated indicated a successful first step towards a Strategic Human Resourse Management.

The founder started with a strategic mission development of efficient, affordable travel and helpful friendly staff. This indicates an integration of company mission (efficient and affordable air travel service) with the HR mission (well trained and cordial flight crew). This shows that the management (especially the founder) considers the implications of business strategy with all HR systems within the firm. This translation of company objectives into specific people management systems with a consistent integration of all HR programmes and policies within a larger framework helps achieve the firm’s objectives (Mello, 2003, pp.

100). The strategic nature of the HRM outlook of the founder is also validated by the evidence in the case of Mel Air, which illustrates the founder himself introducing the new mission to his people through presentation on specially organized company seminar. Usually, a traditional (non strategic) HRM views the responsibity of people management to be solely with the HR specalists. However, the strategic HRM views every person who interacts and has the responsibility of the people to be an HRM manager. The founders approach has moved beyond the conventional employee relations perpective to a strong focus on parternship with both internal (employees and crew members of Mel Air) and external (Customers of Mel Air) constituent group.

This focus on both internal and external entities associated with Mel Air, provides a strategic bent to the approach of the founder (Mello, 2003, pp. 102).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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