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Executive Summary Different companies have different banking needs which require being solved differently. International fishing and holding company has been one of the companies which have been spotted as potential prospects clients for the commercial bank in Abu Dhabi. For the company to be offered financial assistance or any other form of banking services critical analysis of the company is necessary to have a clear picture of what the business deals in and how it has been performing for the last few years. The analysis provides and overview of the international fishing and holding company on its operation as well as its performance for the last two years.

The analysis shows that the company is in needs of the banking services which should further be discussed with the top managers of the international fishing and holding company to identify further the company banking needs. Introduction. The bank has been performing well for the past one year; this triggered the need for the bank to look for the potential clients to offer financial assistant to improve the organization performance as the bank benefit indirectly.

Different clients have been identified who are prospective customers for our company financial services especially financial assistant through loan disbursement. This necessitated the need to identify the company’s bank ground, resources available, projects it has been undertaking, achievements as well as analyzing their financial position and resources to identify whether it could be in a position to repay the loan if offered the services. Different companies have financial needs but their credit worthy is very low as the company performance is a bit poor in the market. In identifying the company’s potential needs it is therefore necessary to understand it better to ensure that the company is performing well in the market and it has anticipated growth in the future.

Hospitality and tourism industry has been one of the growing markets in Middle East though National Corporation for tourism and hotels has been affected adversely by the global economic crisis but the company has strategic strategy for dealing with adverse economic situations. This memo provides an overview of the National Corporation for tourism and Hotels Company who is one of our banks prospective customers because the company have had tremendous growth since it started hence our services could be of great use to the company. Company background. International fish holding company as established in may 1999 after its initial public offer in January the same year; under UAE offset group efforts with Abu Dhabi government support with paid in capital of AED 300millions.

The company capital was raised by offering 45% of the shares to the original owners and offering 55% to the UAE citizens under the IPOs. International fish holding company has been aiming at becoming the market leader and the best aquaculture company in the united emirates and expanding its operations throughout united Arabic emirates as well as internationally.

There had been a traditional fishing in the Gulf corporation council states like UIAE, Arabia Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. Particularly UAE had been practicing fishing hub for long period with fish being very crucial food stuff and a trade commodity which raised the highest per capita consumption in the world with more than 50 kg par capita per annum.

ASMAK has therefore been promoting fishing culture in the UAE countries and other states as destructive and excessive fishing done by common fishermen had jeopardized the marine system making several fish species to be endangered.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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