Essays on Being a Workplace Mentor for a Trainee Assignment

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The paper "Being a Workplace Mentor for a Trainee " is a great example of a management assignment.   Being a workplace mentor for a trainee is a great challenge to any individual. It is even worse when the mentor has never done it before and worse still when the trainee being mentored is not passionate with his or her work. The greatest challenge comes in because the mentor has an obligation to serve in order to achieve his or her objective as a mentor at the same time comply with the laws and rule of the institution as well as the governing rules and laws of the country.

As a mentor, you also need to respect the privacy of both the student and the customers. As a mentor, there is need to create a good rapport with the trainee, in order to help them achieve an optimal understanding of the institution, what is expected of them as a trainee, the policies of the institution, how to attain the best performance etc. In addition to this, the mentor must be in a position to give psychological support to the trainee in order to ensure that the trainee attains essential training, in a serene environment.

This calls for great interaction with the trainee, in order to understand them. Some of the information that the mentor needs to have about the trainee includes the area of residence and their means of transport to the workplace. This information is essential as it will help the mentor understand the challenge being faced by the trainee, with regards to time management. It also plays an important role when it comes to duty allocation of trainee and job scheduling.

The other form of information that the mentor may need to know about the trainee is the information concerning additional responsibilities bestowed on the trainee, other than their responsibility as a trainee. This could help create an understanding of the social challenges being faced by the trainee. The mentor also needs to have contact information of the trainee, in order to be able to communicate with them with regards to work, if need be. There is also a need to have information about the trainee’ s perception about the work of the institution they are about to join and their career in general.

This will help the mentor to be in a position to identify any need for influencing the trainee to change their attitude in a positive manner. The mentor should also share information with both the trainee and the management of the institution. The mentor may be obliged to share customer’ s personal information in the course of study, in order to ensure that the student gains the required knowledge. The most important information for the mentor to share with the trainee is about the institution; policies, how it operates, challenges that could be faced by the trainee and how they can achieve optimal performance, the significance of each and every task within the institution, meeting deadlines and delivering of quality standards.

Having an obligation to give a report to the top management, the mentor may be required to give personal information about the trainee to the management.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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