Essays on Methodology Adopted in Conducting the Research Study Coursework

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The paper "Methodology Adopted in Conducting the Research Study" is a great example of management coursework.   The sample group represents a section of the entire group of items or individuals from whom the samples under consideration are supposed to come from (target population). For this research study, the target population can be taken to mean all the students of the University of Leicester. Out of this, 50 students were selected randomly to form a sample group of 50 students. Sampling Method De Marrais and Lapan (2004) describe sampling as a process of collecting several objects from a population such that the chosen group contains elements representative of the attributes found in the entire group.

It also refers to the choice of elements to be studied. There are no certain rules that guide the process of acquiring an adequate sample (Nsubuga, 2000). At the onset, it is important to state that quite a number of methods are available in studying a particular research problem. Various factors, such as costs and time, play a crucial role in determining the method to be used. However, the researcher takes time to scrutinise each and everyone available option ahead of deciding the method to be used.

This depends upon the “ appropriateness of the method chosen” . There are quite a number of sampling techniques broadly classified into two categories; probabilistic and non-probabilistic. In this research study, non-probabilistic sampling; in particular, simple random sampling is adopted given that the group was homogeneous and the researcher wished-for each one member of the target population to have an equal chance of contributing to the research study. The methods of collecting data can also broadly be classified as either quantitative or qualitative; both of which are extensively used in management as well as business research.

Quantitative research methods focus more on the measuring and analysing causal relationships between variables but not processes. Compared with quantitative data, qualitative data provides a profound understanding than would be attained with quantitative data. It is a valuable method to access rich information and it is best to sightsee the depth and complexity of phenomenon (Silverman, 2000). Qualitative research method takes a more universal approach to the research object and studies a phenomenon in its perspective. This research study will be based on a qualitative method, in particular, the use of questionnaires, which is, basically, a structured method of collecting primary data.

It entails questions written on a paper then administered to respondents to provide the answers. A well-designed questionnaire can inspire the respondents to provide more precise and complete that can then give relevant and reliable data. In this research study, a questionnaire is a best-suited method as it can provide information as regards people’ s values and attitudes that inform their buying decisions.

Therefore, semi-structured questionnaires will also be used by the researcher since the researcher finds it easy to complete and it also allows the respondents to give out their clear opinions about the research. The questions will be open and closed-ended and will be hand-delivered to the respondents.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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