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High Noon at Alpha Mills Performance at Alpha Company would have improved just with a little push of the ream dynamics and not total reorganization. The changes brought about by Davison were really good and would have yielded an increase in performance but Davison in his plan formulation and implementation failed to take into account team dynamics. Team dynamics as explained by McShane and Mary (2012) are very important in an organization the prides itself in working in teams. The teams share everything in terms of commonality and goals and hence they stick together even when situations become rough to endure.

What Davison should have done in his analysis of the causes of poor performance in the organization would have been to incorporate the views and decisions of the workers. They are the ones performing the work and hence would have insight as to the problem and even offer solutions to the organization. This team right from the workers to the assistant supervisors saw Ang as not only their manager but as their role model and even hero to some extent.

He dealt with all their problems, interacted with them on a more personal basis that just a superior and had almost been present from the time all of them were hired. His knowledge of the running of the company and the workers is what made them believe and trust his opinion and decisions. His removal was therefore the end straw to it and just as a team accepts defeat as a whole, the whole team in Alpha accepted defeat once Ang left. Work CitedMcShane, Steven and Mary Von Glinow.

Organizational Behavior. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2012.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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