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Discussion Board Unit 3 Discussion Board Unit 3 Brainstorm Career Interests Organization’s goals Alternative conflict resolution Conflicts are a normal occurrence in organizations and the knowledge of what entails conflict and conflict resolution is helpful. Differences are one of the main issues of a conflict that acts as a threat that prevents people from meeting their needs. Combustibility is a main issue of a conflict and it refers to the level of the emotional response attached o the perceived threat. Another main issue of a conflict is abuse of power and this relates to the way power in a company is used to bring about the likelihood of a conflict that is usually created by unequal distribution of power.

Interests are a main issue in conflict resolution and they help determine the rights and privileges of every partner involved in a conflict. Another main issue in conflict resolution is legitimacy and this is important in determining which third party, objective standard or alternative can help resolve the conflict (Tidwell, 2001). In a scenario where I am faced with a dilemma of recruiters I have hired but are not doing well in recruiting scientists, I would demonstrate my ability to effectively deal with conflict but firstly analyzing the conflict.

In my analysis I would consider the interests of the recruiters and those of my organization. I would communicate the scenario to the recruiters so that they are informed of my intended action. After communicating with the recruiter, I would consider the two choices that I have that of allocating funds in the budget for additional scientific recruiters or training existing recruiters to be able to recruit and select appropriate scientists.

I would go for the second choice because it will benefit the recruiters by helping them retain their jobs and the company because the recruiters will recruit non-scientists alongside scientists (Tidwell, 2001). A real-life solution to the problem is negotiation. In this solution, the project manager would need to approach the company management to dedicate some funds that will help cater for the training of the recruiters and in due time, it will reap double benefits because it will enable the recruiters to recruit scientists without having to get other recruiters for sales personnel.

Another real-life solution to this problem would be for the project manager to approach the conflict with flexibility just in case the company management does not agree to the preferred plan of action. Alternative dispute resolution such would also be a viable real-life solution to the problem (Tidwell, 2001). The criterion for the success of this project would be time, cost and scope. I would measure the success of the project by the time it takes to complete the project and it would not take excessive time it would be successful.

I would use the cost of the project to determine the amount of funds that the project would have taken to complete and if it is successful, it would only take the funds allocated in the budget. Using scope, I would determine how much the project would have achieved the organization’s goals and it would be successful it achieved a majority if not all of the organization’s goals (Tidwell, 2001). In conclusion, differences, combustibility and abuse of power are major issues in a conflict.

Interests and legitimacy are major issues in conflict resolution. Ideas: Main Idea: Recruitment Cost Time Communication Scope References Tidwell, A. (2001). Conflict resolved? : a critical assessment of conflict resolution. London [u. a.]: Continuum.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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