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The paper 'Project Management Office' is a great example of a Management Case Study. The argument presented in this report focuses on the changes made by the Project Management Office and highlights the divergent attributes linked to the project with respect to the Eagle downs Coking Coal project. A holistic view of the project will cover the project's strategic alignment and evaluation tools, among others that will enhance the project management experience. The report will present critical aspects that help improve the approach to the project's benefits realization and management as a whole.

In addition, the report addressed the risk management strategies maintained by PMO, project planning, and the need for measurement of achievements in project management, a clear portfolio of a company regarding Project management strategies. From this report, it is found that PMO can only last for two years. This is due to a lack of organizational support. Additionally, the unskilled project managers make it lack the adaptation period between its changes. Lack of proper project maintenance is problematic. As such, it is recommended that proper project alignment should be done in line with the project portfolio.

Project management models should be designed and kept strategically for future references. More so, the PMO cultural environment should be maintained to captivate its culture. The report began with the strategic alignment and portfolio management that include governance mechanisms and risk management in chapter one of this report. Chapter two deals with program management aspects and approaches. More so, it has Benefit identification and management followed by evaluation tools and processes in the organization. It is then followed by the role of the Project Management Office in portfolio management and then Benefits realization.

Chapter three deals with findings and recommendations. This report seeks to highlight the Project Management approach while attuning to PMO strategies in effecting rolling out projects. Evidently, it covers the Eagle downs Coking Coal Project in Moranbah, Queensland, Australia. The content of this report will enable organizational managers to evaluate the step-wise performance of the project. This will link the specific scenarios with PMO approaches such as project management and selection tools, models, and specific project performance.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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