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Introduction Quality management is a system adopted by top managers and acts as an organization guide to help them improve their performance as it is noted by Evans (2008). The principle behind this quality management focuses on customer focus, process approach and the activities dealing with leadership, approaches to decision making and system approach towards management (Kruger 2001). This management system has three components which include quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement. This system is therefore not only concerned with product or service quality but also on the means of achieving of it.

The research will cover the following aspects; it will elaborate on the quality management systems within BHP Billiton, contributions of the quality management system within the company, Integration in relation to human resource Management and the quality system in BHP Billiton Company, Furthermore the research will elaborate on the Integration of Human Resource Management and the quality system in BHP Billiton Company, Costs associated with BHP Billiton quality system incorporation of the relevance of standardization and continuous improvement of the quality system of BHP Billiton Company and finally possible recommendations for future prosperity of the company.

(Kruger 2001). The management of BHP Billiton which is the largest mining company in the world has incorporated quality management system towards its quench for improving the performance of the company. The quality management system manager of BHP Billiton uses quality assurance to obtain a consistent quality. It is the aim of quality management system to attain and meet the international standards together with meeting the customer needs Shen (2000). This company incorporated quality management system in the identification and the exploring of Olympic Dam which is large copper mining deposit.

In this case BHP Billiton Company structured and designed a quality management system whose aim was to ensure that the company meets its planned objectives together with complying with the statutory requirements of the Refinery and Analytical Laboratory. It was also the main aim of this system to ensure that the company achieves a continued improvement in performance (Kruger 2001). This shows that BHP Billiton has a quality management system which encourages consistency in resource allocation hence assuring customers of the reliability of its services and operation. 3.

Contribution of quality system to BHP Billiton missions and strategic objectivesIt’s the main aim or objectives of every company to achieve high sales and this is through obtaining a high market share and this applies to BHP Billiton Company as well (Kruger 2001). The main purpose of quality system is to improve a company’s performance through improved quality of products. Performance in the market means the ability of a company to meet its customer’s needs and demands. It is through the incorporation of the quality system that BHP Billiton that the company will work hard to achieve high product quality and product differentiation and hence obtaining a competitive advantage as noted by Shen (2000).

One of the principles of quality system is to define approaches to decision making, this means that the system has a decision support system which enables the managers to make decisions pertaining the target markets or the customers. It’s through this quality system that decisions in BHP Billiton concerning target markets or customers are done hence the achievement of the company’s objective of achieving voluminous sales through obtaining a high market share (Kruger 2001).

Decision making is one of the steps towards the achievement of target markets and therefore quality system in BHP Billiton has contributed to its achievement of its objective of market competition through product differentiation and market definition.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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