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SWOT analysis The SWOT analysis is a mechanism that is used in the evaluation of the environment that surrounds a business ventureor a market. It is an acronym that stands for Strength, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Opportunities are the loopholes that are available in the market that if a business venture is able to fully capitalize on shall lead to a huge success. Threats on the other hand are the potential scares that threaten to demolish the prospects of the business venture and should be handed cautiously right in time. One perfect example of a company that has taken a wrong approach in dealing with its threats is Apple.

The biggest competitor and by far biggest threat to the prospects of Apple Inc is Samsung Company. Apple is a US Smartphone firm while Samsung is a South Korean electronics firm that has of late taken the mobile telephony industry by a storm. Apple failed to notice the huge threat that was posed by Samsung and in turn it dealt with the threat very wrongly. This has come to haunt them up to date.

One mistake that Apple made is constantly outsourcing its tenders to the South Korean firm. This gave their enemy key knowledge of their technology. Apple also failed to deal with the fact that the Google Operating System Android was just left open for anyone who wished to incorporate in heir devise. This hugely exposed Apple Inc to the throngs of the threat in the market. By the time Apple realized that they had taken a wrong approach in dealing with their threats, the adverse effects were already taking a toll on them.

Apple was compelled to take another wrong approach in filing a law suit against Samsung over the allegation of copying its technology. This is a very expensive and long affair that is largely seen as the last kicks of a dying horse. ReferencesApple Computer, Inc. SWOT Analysis. (2003). Datamonitor Plc. Apple Computer, Inc. SWOT Analysis. (n. d.). (Business Source Complete. ) Munster: Datamonitor Plc. Lee, J. (January 01, 2012). A Clash between IT Giants and the Changing Face of International Law: the Samsung vs. Apple Litigation and its Jurisdictional Implications.

Journal of East Asia and International Law, 5, 1, 117-142.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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