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DiSC and Performance Improvement Plan of the of the DiSC and Performance Improvement Plan Introduction The world of business and work management has undergone a myriad of changes that may be nothing short of a paradigm shift. This has also meant a change of role for many managers and employees in the workplace. For example, Human Resources has evolved from a hire and fire department to a strategic business partner that helps the organization find the best employees to fill key positions so that the business of the enterprise can be achieved without a hitch.

Similarly as today’s employees are more experienced and knowledgeable than in yesteryear, the role of the boss or manager has changed from being a supervisory and authoritative one to that of guiding and coaching the employees towards goal achievement. Since we can hardly coach others before we are aware of our own strengths and weaknesses, a personality test like the DiSC will help us identify our areas of weakness, strength and where and how improvement can be made (Anonymous, 2004). Results of My DiSC Test The DiSC test consisted of 10-12 questions about various aspects that presumably gave an insight into my personality.

I was rated as D or Dominant overall. It was also mentioned that typically 24 percent of the test takers were rated as Dominant, 15 percent as Inspiring, 30 percent as Supportive and 31 percent as Cautious. The strengths of the Dominant Personality are that it is most concerned with control, the subjects are regarded as having high ego strength and are often direct with others, preferring not to waste time on trivialities.

This sums me up quite effectively. On the other hand, it shows that my greatest fear is that of being taken advantage of. Plan of Action and Commitment Timetable As regards my areas of weakness, I guess that it would help to be more outgoing, social and communicative sometimes. I do not want to be a perfectionist, but would just like to be taken seriously at work so that people respect me for my ideas and contributions. I also like to plan my workday and activities as I find that I can accomplish more this way or at least get the most important things done first.

I do not think that it hurts or affects anyone else too badly. Though I tend to stay a little late at work in order to get things accomplished, I find that it gives me peace of mind and satisfaction to have completed most of what I have set out for the day (Anonymous, 2012). My weaknesses are that I tend to neglect family life and the work-life balance, and am often considered a workaholic by friends and relatives.

I do not socialize too much, and have found that the lack of other activities and events in my life have made it boring and dull. Consequently I am trying to reach out to friends and family and being less of a workaholic and a perfectionist. I am also told that I have to learn to be more open and communicative, and not be afraid to let out my emotions once in a while, also being cognizant of how others feel and need to be treated (Anonymous, 2006).

Skills/Behaviors Needing Attention: Work- life balance. I want to achieve this goal because my family matters to me most of all. Specific Action Start Date End Date 1. I will spend at least 3 hours with my family after work in fun, talk, play and relaxation. 01 May 2012 31 May 2012 Affirmation: As a result of work life balance, I am beginning to feel more in touch with my family and their needs. It has also brought purpose and renewed energy into my life. References Anonymous (2012.). "The Ubiquitous DiSC" offered by Net Jobs On-Line Recruitment.

Accessed 25 April 2012, at http: //www. quibblo. com/quiz/aw8npyx/DISC-Personality-Style Anonymous (2004). ‘Outsourced Learning Makes its Mark’. Development and Learning in Organizations; 2004; 18, 4; ABI/INFORM Global, pg. 28 Anonymous (July 2006). For Success With Corporate Coaching, Begin With Assessment, HR Focus; Volume 83, Issue 7; ABI/INFORM Global, pg. 8

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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