Essays on Production Possibilities for Australia and Canada Assignment

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The paper "Production Possibilities for Australia and Canada " is an outstanding example of a micro and macroeconomic assignment. This statement is not true, mainly because owning a home does not eliminate the costs associated with housing. Typically, the benefits of owning a home may outweigh that of renting. Many people believe that by owning a home their housing costs are eliminated. However, belief is not actually the case. There are several benefits associated with owning a home. These include; increase in the value of the house, greater privacy, and predictable cost as well as a sense of pride from homeownership.

Nevertheless, despite owning a home, there will always be housing costs to incur. An individual may have mortgaged the house. Therefore, regular mortgage payments are required to be made to offset the mortgage. In most cases, mortgage payments are usually higher compared to rent payments. In addition, these mortgage payments are financial commitments that have to be met, failure to which banks may take away the house from the owner. Furthermore, the owner of a home is also responsible for all the maintenance and repairs of the house.

Some of these maintenance costs may be high, while other maintenance and repairs may be relatively inexpensive. “ These lectures are boring and useless, but since I have paid for them, I am going to attend all of them” . Some students in an institution of learning may find certain lectures boring and useless. Consequently, they may be tempted to boycott such lectures, because they believe they will not benefit from attending the perceived boring lectures. However, since these students have paid for the lectures in the form of tuition fee, they are compelled to attend the lectures to satisfy their need to utilize the tuition fee already paid.

There are several reasons why students may find certain lectures boring and useless. These reasons include; ineffective teaching methods, long lecturing hours, type and level of difficulty of the subject being studied, and the perceived relevance of the course in the practical world. Nevertheless, the lectures may not be as useless as perceived by the students. Therefore, the student who attends the lectures out of necessity for having paid for them, in the end, will learn something out of lectures compared to the student who boycotts the lectures completely just because they find the lectures boring and useless.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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