Essays on Microsofts Strategic Alliance with Nokia Assignment

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The paper "Microsoft's Strategic Alliance with Nokia" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. Microsoft Corporation is an American-based multinational company with its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The company is into developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling software that can be used in various devices.   In 1975, Bill gates developed Micro-soft in a hotel room in New Mexico. Initially, Bill gates along with his friend Paul Allen launched the version BASIC and sold this version to other software companies. In 1995 Microsoft entered the platform of the internet by launching Internet Explorer.

Steve Ballmer was appointed as the president by Bill gates. The company over the years since the time it was started kept growing at a fast rate and from 2005 it started making many acquisitions across the world like in 2006 it acquired a sum of about $6 billion to increase its presence through online marketing and advertisements. In 2007-08 Microsoft joined hands with Hewlett-Packard computer hardware and software-based company and also with Motorola a US-based mobile company to expand its business in the global world.   It also entered the search business by launching bing. com which was a replacement for the Live Search platforms.

In 2000 Microsoft also entered the field of mobile operating software by launching the software Windows CE 3.0 for mobiles and went open from them to grow in a huge way. In 2010, Microsoft launched its Windows Phone 7 in Singapore, Europe, and Australia. On the 11th of February 2011, Microsoft acquired Nokia, to acquire the Smartphone market and also give a revamp for Nokia with an aggressive strategy to challenge the strong competition from Apple and Google in the Smartphone market. Using this report the various factors towards the strategic alliance of Nokia along with Microsoft is been studied using various theories and concepts.

The study can effectively give a good understanding of the factors that are to be considered before making the alliance.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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