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Statistical AnalysisIn this study there is analysis of three nominal and three scale variables that are, Gender, Pre-existing congestive heart failure and Recovery of renal function, and Age, Hours on bypass pump, Length of stay in hospital, selected from the SPSS data file RENAL. sav. Frequency Tables of Nominal VariablesgenderFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidmalefemale275732.167.932.167.932.1100.0Total84100.0100.0preexisting congestive heart failureFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidnoyes543064.335.764.335.764.3100.0Total84100.0100.0recovery of renal functionFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidnoyesTotal735428.341.750.016.783.3100.016.7100.0Missing-14250.0Total84100.0preexisting congestive heart failure * gender CrosstabulationCountgenderTotalpreexisting congestive heart failurenomale12female42yes151530275784recovery of renal function * gender CrosstabulationCountgenderTotalrecovery of renal functionnomale4female3yes112435152742Stem-and-Leaf Plothours on bypass pump Stem-and-Leaf Plot Frequency    Stem &  Leaf     . 00        0 .     2.00        0 .  55    16.00        1 .  0000000000000000    25.00        1 .  5555555555555555555555555    16.00        2 .  0000000000000000    13.00        2 .  5555555555555     7.00        3 .  0000000     . 00        3 .     1.00        4 .  0     3.00 Extremes    (> =4.5) Stem width:      1.00 Each leaf:       1 case(s)Boxplot of Recovery of Renal Function and Hours on Bypass PumpDescriptive Statistics of Three Scale VariablesStatisticsagelength of stay in hospitalhours on bypass pumpNValidMissing840840831Mean65.7120.811.9096Median68.0018.001.5000Std.

Deviation10.82111.067.88739Minimum183.50Maximum87505.00Percentiles1025507551.0061.0068.0073.0010.0013.0018.0024.751.00001.50001.50002.50009078.0038.503.0000Brief Analysis and ConclusionHere the frequency tables and bar charts of nominal variables; gender, Pre-existing congestive heart failure and Recovery of renal function show that most of the patients were female, most of the patients respond that they had no pre-existing congestive heart failure and respond in yes in response of the question regarding recovery of renal function. The cross tabulation shows that from the selected patients there were most of the female patients who respond that their has no pre-existing congestive heart failure, and the table shows that there is no significant impact of gender on the recovery of renal function of patient. Now the frequency tables and histograms of age, length of stay in hospital and hours on bypass pump show that most of the patients belong to age group 60 to 78 years, majority of the patients were stay in hospital from 10 to 15 days and it has also been observed that there were most of the patients who were spend maximum two and a half hours on bypass pump. Stem-and-Leaf plot is the visual summary of the data, this plot is a partial sorting of the data and allows to identify the distributional pattern of the data, here in this paper there is the stem and leaf plot of hours on bypass pump.

It also shows that most of the patients spend 1 to 2 hours on bypass pump. Boxplot is also called box-and-whisker plot. A boxplot consists of a box, whiskers, and outliers. Here we have a boxplot between two variables hours of bypass pump and recovery of renal function having a line across the box at the median.

The bottom of the box is at the first quartile (Q1) and the top is at the third quartile (Q3). The whiskers are the lines that extend from the top and bottom of the box to the adjacent values, the lowest and highest observations still inside the region defined by the lower limit Q1 - 1.5 (Q3 - Q1) and the upper limit Q3 + 1.5 (Q3 - Q1). Outliers are points outside the lower and upper limits, plotted with asterisks (*), like 14 in the above given boxplot. At last there is a descriptive statistics for each 3 scale variables it was observed that there is not much difference in the mean and median of each variables that shows the symmetric pattern, standard deviation shows the variation in the patients’ length of stay in hospital.

and the percentiles displays the value below which the specified percentage of cases falls.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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