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Virginia Henderson’s Nursing Theory Virginia Henderson is among the pioneers in the establishment of the uniquenessof nursing. She gave 14 components of nursing which according to Basavanthappa (2007) and Sitzman and Eichelberger (2011) could be used to improve the health of an individual and therefore reduce illness. These include physiological components that encompass breathing normally; eating and drinking adequately; elimination of body wastes; movement and maintenance of desirable posture; sleep and rest; ability to select the suitable dress, dressing and undressing; maintenance of body temperature within the normal range through adjustment of clothing and modification of the environment; keeping the body well groomed and clean and protection of integument; and avoidance of environmental injuries and causing injuries to others.

Psychological aspects in communication and learning include communication with others through expression of opinions, fears, needs or emotions; and learning, discovery and satisfaction of curiosity that results in health and normal development and use of health facilities as available. The sociological and moral component of this theory entails worshiping in accordance to one’s faith. Finally, the components that are sociologically inclined towards occupation and recreation include working with a sense of accomplishment; and playing or participation in different recreational activities.

None of these components resemble and each would be infinitely satisfied by varied living patterns. Henderson’s theory significantly compares to that of Nightingale. The theories agree on how to care for a patient’s health, postulating the need to stabilize patients and optimize their comfort. The two theorists agree on the importance of promoting preventive care and healthy living through long term distribution of information to increase public awareness on self-care (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). Indeed, this similarity fosters the appreciation of Henderson as the 20th Century Nightingale. ReferencesBasavanthappa, B.

T. (2007). Nursing theories. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers. Sitzman, K. & Eichelberger, L. W. (2011). Understanding the work of nurse theorists: A creative beginning (2nd ed. ). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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