Essays on Mini-case Coursework

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Mini Case Mini CASE 4 Answer C: This case presents an ethical dilemma for any concerned person. The dilemma is regarding whether to go and complain to higher authority, whether to take advantage of the situation seek benefit out of it or lastly whether to help the employee by means of mutual discussion. However after discussing with my group members we have unanimously arrived at the decision that we would rather talk with the employee and try to find a solution to the problem through mutual discussion. We believe that although other alternatives may give us material benefits which are often viewed with high regards in modern society, choosing this particular alternative will result in giving us mental satisfaction.

We believe that the success of human life lies in helping others and by this action we will be help to achieve that objective. Mini CASE 7 Answer A: In this case we consider that the best solution would be to at first confront the employee and persuade him to tell his problem or try to know the reason behind him using the drug.

The employee can be advised in a friendly manner to seek professional help in this matter. Since this issue is very delicate so using words of threat against him or using offensive language against him may actually do more harm to him than doing any good. One may complain to the higher authorities about the employee using drug and this may earn the employee who is complaining good image in front of supervisor. However if the issue is considered from a ethical standpoint the best choice would be to stand by the side of the employee using drug and help him get out of his addiction.

Mini CASE 36 Answer D: This is an issue where the individual employee is himself party to the offence. Since he himself is an occasional smoker so he cannot confront other smokers and tell them to stop smoking inside the premises. If he goes to tell other smokers to stop smoking inside the premises them first of all he has to practice the same thing. If he does not practice what he preaches then no one will accept what he is going to say.

Ignoring the situation is also not a solution as this is an ethical violence and disregard of company policy. The option left before him is to tell the ethics or human resource department of the issue and ask them to develop an alternative solution to a problem. Mini CASE 40 Answer B: Since the co-worker is copying company purchased software illegally this is a direct violence of the ethical code of the company. The best solution to the situation would be to confront the employee and reason with him that the act he is doing is a direct violence of the ethical code of conduct for the company.

It can be made clear to the employee through logical reasoning the consequences of counterfeiting a licensed software version. The employee can talk with the co-worker and tell him that he too needs a program and is saving money in order to do the same. In fact it can be argued with the employee that both of them can together go to the software department so that the company can manage with the software maker or have negotiations with the software maker, so that it can bring the cost of software to affordable levels so that the employees can buy the same.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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