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The paper "The Losses of Flights MH17 and MH370 " is a good example of a marketing case study.   MAS has experienced its troubles since its profit decline in the last decade. However, flight disappearance of MH370 and attack of MH17 have since deepened the airlines’ losses due to reduced demand and further damaged the image of the firm. MAS has been the Malaysian flag carrier and ranked five-star airlines, which put it in a competitive edge in the world airline industry. This document elaborates on MAS devastating losses in the financial performances, staff resignation and consumer behaviour affecting demand, all of which negatively impacted on MAS’ s high valued brand.

Following the incidences, MAS seeks to embark on rebuilding the damages by focusing on internationalization path and implementing better strategic marketing. Through this, it would seek to expand into suitable market/ destinations, increase capacity and frequency in profitable routes to recover from losses that continue to hurt its image. Finally, explore safe and quality service delivery, advertisement and promotions other than pricing to redeem its image and influence the public perception. Keywords: International Expansion, Financial Performance, Brand, Service Delivery, Advertisement, Promotions, Product, Customer, Destinations, Market, Demand, Image, MH17, MH 370, MAS, Strategies Introduction The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) have been in a tight spot since the terrible incidences of the missing flights MH17 and MH370.

This has been a blow after another for the two Boeing 777 model planes and the mystery behind their disappearance. Normally for such large firms in the international scene, such disasters end up affecting its market, reputation and profitability. Competition becomes tough and the airlines have a task to restore their trust to the customers and assure them of the safe flights again.

The Malaysia Airline MH 370 was headed to Beijing from KLIA on 8th of March, but never got to its destinations as expected; six months later, its disappearance remains a mystery with rumours of its crash perhaps in the Indian Ocean (BBC, 2014). MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) was confirmed to have been hit by type SA-11missile, launched from rebel-controlled territory, before crashing on eastern Ukraine (New York Times, 2014). Out of these disasters, about five hundred people are feared dead and a great loss for MAS within six months of 2014. Background Information on MAS (Malaysia Airlines) Business profile. MAS is a recognized 5-star and flag carrier in Malaysia.

It dates back in the 1940s from a joint venture of Ocean Steamship Company, strait steamship of Singapore and the now British Overseas Airways Corp (BOAC) (“ Chapter” n.d). It became Malaysian Airways Ltd (MAL), then Malaysia Singapore Airlines (MSA) and later adopted the MAS logo in the 80s, which exists to date. MAS has since expanded its operations and flies to approximately 110 destinations across the continents and operate using fleets of Airbus and Boeing aircraft (Hassan, 2005).

MAS is a public listed company in the Malaysian stock exchange and aims to provide consumers with the proficient transport system. MAS provides its market with high-end to low-cost carriers (LCC). People have a choice of flights on the economy, first-class and business classes, which come with varying onboard services. It provides for online booking to make reservations for passenger and makes the delivery of cargo through its fleet of cargo carriers.



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