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The paper "Feralco Ltd Business Processes" is a perfect example of a business case study. Feralco Ltd is a company involved in the manufacture of sulfuric acid and fertilizers. The company is involved in supply chain activities of sourcing sulfur and other chemicals to be used in the manufacturing processes. Suppliers of raw sulfur are upstream from its customers (Feralco ltd). On the other hand, downstream customers include; Distributors of fertilizers and sulfuric acid Shipping partners Point-of-sale stops These suppliers are few but also deliver the product to a few customers. Buyers including Feralco have a strong bargaining position and always negotiate based on price (Harmon, 2007).

On the other hand, customers are many and are involved in the distribution and retail business. Supporting partners include regulators such as the department of labor, industrialization and commerce (Rother & Shook, 2003). Local authorities act are regulators in ensuring workplace health and safety as well as compliance with environmental laws. The company works on a lean supply chain ensuring it partners with its suppliers for the best price and quality raw materials (Slack et al. 2000).

It also collaborates with its customers for the best buys and deliveries. Business processes The figures below describe some of the business processes developed based on modeling concepts and flow charts. Value stream map for sulfuric acid (figure 1): The value stream map consists of information and materials flows within the company (Smith & Fingar, 2003). Information flows from the customer through requests of monthly orders. These orders are then processed by the merchandise department and relayed to the production floor. The production end will work on the deadlines provided and deliver weak orders to customers as they had requested.

On material flows, it involves industrial processes and their uptimes. The major processes are the contact process and two other conversion processes. According to the production lead time data, it takes 11 days while the processing time for any given information is 620 seconds. Shipping is the last point in the material flow process as it entails preparing the finished goods for delivery to the customer.



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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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