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Sears: Vision and Mission, from Tears to Changes without Fears March 28, Sears has been under intense criticism, especially Sears Holdings Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Edward S. Lampert, for not doing enough to turnaround Sear’s dismal performance, since Kmart acquired it in 2005 (Hartung, 2013, para. 1; Jacobs, 2008). Sears is an integrated retailer that sells diverse merchandise and related services. It sells apparel and hard line goods, such as tools and appliances, and others. Sears sells its merchandise and services through sears. com, landsend. com and specialty catalogs. The vision of Sears is to “create lifelong relationships built on trust. ” Its mission is to “work for …families by providing products that are innovative and fashionable, quality that is trusted and affordable, and service that is reliable and instils confidence. ” The challenges to Sears are internal and external.

The internal problems are management issues and poor revenues, while the external threats are competition and changing market dynamics. Based on these challenges, the vision and mission statements of Sears must be changed. References Coghlan, D., & Rashford, N.S. (2006). Organizational change and strategy: An interlevel dynamics approach.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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