Essays on Factors of BlackBerry Smartphones' Successful Promotion Case Study

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The paper “ Factors of BlackBerry Smartphones' Successful Promotion" is a  perfect example of a case study on marketing. Blackberry phones have revolutionalized the Smartphone technology making connections in personal lives and business a lot easier than they can be imagined. A sleek, compact and stylish all-in-one mobile solution is offered by BlackBerry besides the benefit of SMS text messaging, integrated email, instant messaging, contacts and diary, internet browser and social networking as standards. BlackBerry Torch from Vodafone is now available for pre-order. Media players, GPS, Satellite navigation, and digital cameras are features that can be found in the latest BlackBerry handset.

BlackBerry and handset providers include T-MOBILE, Vodafone, 02, and Vodafone. RIM BlackBerry can be found in the United Kingdom's major mobile phone provider. Available handsets have increased due to the growth in popularity of BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry phones were targeted for the stylish and more technically adaptable people in the market. Moreover, since the very initial models were prohibiting for the ordinary person to possess them, then we can comfortably conclude the affluent people in the society were targeted.

Prior to the introduction of affordable BlackBerry phones, this kind of phone was to be exclusively found owned by executive officers of companies and other wealthy people in society. This has dramatically changed to accommodate what had not been catered for by the inventors of this kind of the phone (King, 34). Subsequently after intensive market research within the market clinches were found whose needs were not being met by the existing products. It follows that product differentiation was sought to correct the anomaly that had been inadvertently created. In this era and time, they exist various models and makes of BlackBerry smartphones handsets with different features engineered by different companies.

These include BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry Pearl, and BlackBerry 8700. The availability of room for expansion and the craving to increase or extend the product life cycle prompted the inventors of these inventors of classy and stylish phones to go back to the drawing board and produce a variety of products that will cater to a variety of consumer needs. The positioning of the product as being stylish and sleek was very important.

The upper-middle and upper class of the whole population were targeted. I think it was initially perceived, and rightly so, according to Abraham’ s hierarchy of needs that this group had fulfilled the basic physical needs and were seeking others at a higher level such as love and recognition. Individuals grappling with the challenge of meeting the basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing as are the case of many in the third world countries were not the target market.

This is clearly evidenced by the type of media chosen to reach the target audience. Mostly advertisement concerning the BlackBerry Smartphones was done via the Internet or on other exclusive television channels. Later on, with the invention of affordable BlackBerry phones, the advertisement was vigorously carried out in print media and audio means such as the radio. It had been the habit also for the advertisement to be made in exclusive journals and periodicals. The positioning of the BlackBerry smartphones was done such that the target audience associated them with class and affluence (Charle, 121).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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