Essays on MM105 Organizational Behavior Math Problem

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Question 1Isabelle behavioral descriptionIsabelle is an outgoing and social individual as evident from her love to organize social functions in the resort. She values integrity and honesty, she also loves new challenges, she enjoys her job, she also loves making quick decisions based on situations that develop along the way, this is evident by the fact that she has been in trouble for making such decisions. She makes such decisions ignoring facts and that is why she occasionally finds herself in trouble with her boss. Isabelle is also somewhat disorganized; this could be attributed to her lack of proper consideration of facts when making decisions.

In the other hand, Isabelle has good listening skills, ability to empathize with others and thus a strong ability when dealing with customers. Isabelle is also a good team members, this is evident by the fact that she always works with her colleges’ even use their ideas to perform her tasks. She also likes getting involved in working rather than watching others performs the task. Using other people’s ideas frequently could also be a weakness on her part since it seems that she is not very creative since she depends on others ideas to perform her normal tasks.

Isabelle is dissatisfied with her current job because of a number of factors, first she was promised a number of growth and development programs which have not been met by the resort six months down the line. Her manager is not understanding and very rigid in the way he handles and does business, the company’s bonus reward scheme is not fair, there is not performance review plan in the company and hence the genesis of less motivation and dissatisfaction of employees. Michael behavioral descriptionMichael is a rigid manager, he believes in handling people with commands rather than through dialogue, he also lacks integrity and honesty as evident by the fact that he prefers overcharging customers in order to satisfy the senior management.

More so, Michael lacks good communication skills and people’s skills, he does not inspire his junior employees or motivate them through better strategies; he does not appreciate their effort yet quick to condemn when things go wrong.

As evident by the fact that he only gives orders to his junior employees like Isabelle. He does not perform performance review and hence leaving room for uncertainty in his junior employees. This is evidently a demonstration of incompetency in his part; he lacks necessary management qualities necessary to drive success in the company. He also lacks the required integrity and honesty, this is because of the extent that he goes in order to please the senior management; he overcharges some customers whose accommodation fees are paid by corporate accounts.

Michael also lacks good knowledge of other people, he believes that everybody behaves or does things the way he does, and this is a notable bad character on his part since he is a manager and ought to understand people better. Comparison of their profiles

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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